15 Plus Size Party Dresses for Christmas – Up To Size 36

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If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m a plus size chick, and these days, there is a lot of choice for those of us who are larger than a size 16. I remember struggling with just one shop and some old fuddy duddy catalogues when I was younger, but now, there are high street stores, online retailers and catalogues (which aren’t so fuddy duddy any more!) where I can buy some really pretty clothes.

I originally wrote this post in 2013, but it’s high time I updated it with party dresses for Christmas in 2016!

Plus Size Party Dresses for Christmas

All the dresses I’ve picked go up to a UK size 32; some go up to a size 36. I’ve been inclusive up to these sizes because I have been all sizes in my adult life from size 18 – 36, and the struggle can be real.

I’ve picked sleeveless dresses (which I always wear with a lace shrug, because I hate my arms). I’ve picked some with sleeves – although, that sort of dress is few and far between. I’m liking the cold shoulder sleeve style because it hides my arms, yet leaves some bare. I picked a couple of longer dresses, but I prefer shorter ones these days, and whilst most of these are black (I love black clothes, the colour is flattering and can be dressed up with bright, colourful shoes and accessories!), I’ve also picked out some gorgeous red, purple, and floral dresses too.

I love all these dresses, it’s hard to pick one favourite! But with Christmas and New Years coming up, I think I’m going to treat myself to a new party dress or two!

The dresses are predominantly from Yours, as I find their range to be most accommodating when it comes to going up to the larger sizes of plus size – for that I am very grateful. There is also one dress from Evans which is a size 30/32.

By clicking on the dress(es) you like, you’ll be taken to either Yours or Evans website (an affiliate link) where you can purchase your plus size party dress for Christmas. Read more about affiliate links here.


Share this with friends and family!