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Okay, so strictly speaking, this post isn’t Disney fashion (well, I’ve got a Mickey Mouse t-shirt if that counts!) but rather, what my holiday wardrobe is for our Dine Around Disney 2014 Trip!

If you’re a reader of my blog, you’ll know that I am a plus-size chick. I wish I could say I’d lost all the weight I’d wanted to, but I haven’t. In fact, I’m going back to Florida about a size bigger than last year, which I could really dwell on, but what’s the point?? Despite my weight failings, I am loving my holiday wardrobe this year!

My Florida 2014 Wardrobe by PurplePumpkinBlog


When we have been to Orlando in the past, we’ve stayed in a villa, which means we have access to washing facilities, and take minimal clothes as we can easily wash things out as the days go by  – I generally take 5 days worth of clothes for a 3 week visit!

We are staying at a Disney Resort this year, and there is a laundromat, but I don’t know how easily we’ll find the time to wash our stuff. So, for a two week trip, I’m taking enough for a week and I’m sure we’ll squeeze a throw in the washing machine session to get stuff cleaned ready for week 2!

The idea for us is always to take as little as we possibly can – more room for stuffs to bring home!!!

Plus Size Tops

I’ve got a couple of tops that I wore last trip – my Mickey Mouse t-shirt (Yours) and the blue LOVE top (Evans), but both stores came up trumps for me again this year and I bought a few more sleeveless, loose fitting tops. This style, for me at least, is so important in the Florida sunshine. I’m going to write a separate post about being plus-size and coping with the intense heat and humidity, so watch out for that in the next few days.

I know when it comes to sleeveless that many don’t like to bare their upper arms. I was similar on my first trip – I soon realised that was going to have to be completely gotten over! If I could get away with no straps at all, believe me, I would!!


I don’t do shorts, I can’t stand the way the material can ride up between your legs, making them look ever so unattractive. So I wear cropped leggings – in fact, leggings are like my uniform day in, day out!  I buy mine from Aldi (who recently stocked up to size 28!) they come up really big, so I actually get into a size 24. I also buy leggings from Yours. The cropped style from Evans, on me, as a short arse, are to my ankles……..!!


As we are on the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan, we are dining at several signature restaurants which require guests to dress a bit smarter than theme park attire – that is the reason why I’ve added a couple of skater dresses (which I’ll wear with cropped leggings to avoid chub rub!)


For walking around the theme parks, my go-to shoes are my Crocs. they are (for me) the most comfortable shoes ever. I’ve bought a couple of new pairs this year (don’t panic, I’m wearing them in!) in the Jayla slingback style – one pair black and one pair purple. As I said above about signature dining and dressing up a bit smarter, I’m also taking a lovely pair of wedges that I bought on sale from Evans.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother taking such posh shoes though, everywhere in Florida is uber casual!


I’m okay with wearing a swimsuit – but it has to be a swimdress style. The one I have is very similar to the one below, but in blue. I am sure I bought it from either Fashion World or Ambrose Wilson. It has served me well, has a bit of tummy control, and cups in the boobage area. I wear a pair of cut down leggings underneath, as I don’t want the dreaded chub rub to hit me whilst walking about half wet in waterparks – not very pleasant at all. You can’t really see them, but they make me feel better.

I really can’t be bothered with showering and changing at waterparks, so I also have a beach dress to throw over the top when we’re travelling to and from our accommodation. Makes my life so much easier!

Hair Accessories

Generally I either plait my hair, or tie it all up on the top of my head! I don’t like wearing a hat (my head gets too hot) so I wear a wide headband or bandana instead…quite often my Minnie Mouse Ears as well, and I’ll be taking my Ducktape hairbow this year too!


Jewellery is usually minimal as well – my wedding and engagement ring. However, once again, as we’re doing some signature dining, I’ll take one or two necklaces with me to wear.

Handbag + Handfan

Hubs is generally a packhorse when we go to the theme parks, but I do like to have my stuff close to hand – my glasses/sunglasses for when I switch from in and outdoors – I wear prescription, and cannot get on with contact lenses in the humidity and heat. I also like to have my phone on me – for Instagramming! and I need somewhere to pop my handfan, which is my saviour when out in the sunshine and no aircon!

And there we have it, my Florida 2014 plus-size wardrobe! Not long to go now – so excited!!

OMGOSH, I’m three quarters through my 100 Disney posts!!!
Day 75 of #100DaysOfDisney is done – 25 to go!
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