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On Wednesday 5th August 2009, hubs and I got married! It means that in 2014 we’ll be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and that’s quite the milestone ♥

Since I’ve got the holiday blues real bad, I started thinking about organising a short getaway to celebrate the occasion and thought, why not look at Mediterranean Cruises?! Hub’s parents have cruised a few times, a good friend of mine has cruised on the QE11 and my mum’s dream has always been to go on a cruise (she was saving up, when she was younger to go on a cruise with her friend, when she met my dad and had me instead!!

That said, she told me today that she and dad are thinking about cruising too!) So with all that feedback to tap into, I suggested it to hubs…and he’s up for a Med cruise!  *happy dance*

Now, our first wedding anniversary was spent in Paris, (with a cheeky day at Disneyland!)

Our second anniversary we were in Orlando, Florida about to embark on a 3 week holiday visiting Walt Disney World.

Our third anniversary we went to the London 2012 Olympics!

And our fourth, well, we just missed out on Florida because we couldn’t get the dates for the villa we wanted, but we did managed to celebrate it at ‘Ohana in Disney’s Polynesian Resort with cake!

So, what does that point to for our next anniversary?? Well, it just so happens Disney has a cruise line. A cruise line that sails the Mediterranean Sea…and that’s exactly what I’ve been looking at!

We’ve never cruised before, or even looked at cruises, so this is all new territory for me when it comes to planning…if it wasn’t the Disney Cruise Line I was after then there are tons of deals out there and lots of different cruise lines to choose from. However, my eye is on the Disney prize – I’m hooked on the magic that Disney provides, and with my mind wanting to stay forever young, it’s that cruise line that gets my vote! I should say our vote, since y’know, hubs will be coming too :P

With any holiday I plan, I look at prices first and foremost, where can I get the best deal? I look at various websites online and then start narrowing down choices. For us, it’s likely to be a 4 or 5 day cruise, but I’ve seen cruises for 7 and 14 days, and if we could afford that, well, just try and stop me!! But a mini-getaway on a cruise ship sounds like a lovely way to celebrate 5 years of being married, and something is better than nothing I always say :D

I’m (we!) are still in the very early planning stages at the moment, looking at the dates, ports and cabins available – it’s quite the minefield as a complete newbie to cruising, but with anything I’ve ever planned, I’ve turned to the internet for advice and guidance and I’m sure it’ll come up trumps again for us.

What appeals to me about a cruise is the luxury feel it seems to have. Being able to relax on board with great entertainment and good food. Waking up in a different port and seeing different little parts of the world on one journey!

I can’t wait to start the planning for this trip, as well as the Disney bug, I’ve also got the travel bug and wish finances allowed us to travel overseas a little more often! And by now, you know me, I’ll be sharing all my planning tips along the way!

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