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Dining Date: 22nd August 2011

We revisited Hollywood Studios and ate a late lunch at Pizza Planet where we had, you guessed it, pizza! Well, actually, we got a mix of things including pizza, a chicken salad and a meatball sub. The pizzas/sub also come with a tub of Caesar salad so there was a fair bit of food, but the pizzas are pretty small and Liam ended up having two. With drinks and a Mickey shaped rice crispy treat we spent $50 in here. Expensive? Very!

The service was grim – both at the till and waiting for our order at the counter – very, very slow. And they pile the food high on one tray so I had to make sure I didn’t lose my footing holding that bad boy! There was no room inside to sit down, so we found a table outside and had our lunch out there.

Liam enjoyed the pizzas, and I had the salad which was really nice, LOTS of chicken in there which was a welcome change as you often only get one or two pieces in those pre-made salad type bowls. Steve munched on the sub which was also fine. Decent enough food, although Steve and I were disappointed it was a buffet like it is in Paris’ Pizza Planet!

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