Pink Parcel – July Unboxing

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Pink Parcel - July Unboxing

I received another Pink Parcel subscription box to review, and it arrived a few days ago. Pink Parcel is a monthly lifestyle/beauty box to help you through your period. You receive a supply of sanitary items, as well as a bunch of treats to make things a bit more manageable when the time of the month hits.

I really enjoyed the treats in July’s box because I am able to use pretty much all of them! I love it when that happens in a subscription box. I was also able to stock up on my dwindling supply of sanitary towels too – which of course is the main focus of this box.

Pink Parcel costs £6.99 for your first box, and £10.50 thereafter (including P&P). When signing up, you select your preferred brand of sanitary weare, then add in the dates of your period. There are three delivery dates each month to choose from, so pick the one that is closest to your cycle. You’ll then receive your Pink Parcel box in the post to help you through your monthlys!

This box, and the last box was sent to me for review, but I’ve been so impressed with the items inside them so far, I’m going to subscribe to Pink Parcel when back from hols!

Of course I filmed an unboxing video which you can watch below or over on my YouTube channel. I do have a lighting issue with this video which was really winding me up, so I did end the video quite abruptly!

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The special treats inside this month’s box were:

  • Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream | £3.99
  • The Vintage Cosmetics Company Rose Gold Slanted Tweezers | £8.00
  • Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Eyeshadow | £17.95
  • Bellapierre Gel Eyeliner | £11.20
  • Lottie London Nail Polish | £5.99
  • La Via Del Te Tisana Sweet Relax Teabag | £34.95 for 27 bag luxury gift box at Harrods (!)
  • Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Biscuits | £1.49 for 129G

What do you think of Pink Parcel? Is it a subscription box you think you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments, here or over on my YouTube Channel!

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