Pieminister Limited Edition Festive Pies

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Pieminister Limited Edition Festive Pies Review

Who doesn’t love a pie? Yummy fillings encased in buttery, flaky pastry… mmmm pie!

Pieminister got in touch with me asking if I’d like to try out their new limited edition pies for the festive season – Mistlemoo and Merry Berry  as well as their perennial favourites – Christingle and Deer Santa (don’t you just love the names?)

If you love pies, you’re going to love these. Furthermore, what is more awesome than pies in the post? You can buy Pieminister pies online – they deliver by courier in a temperature controlled box anywhere within mainland UK. A box of six pies (you can mix and match) is currently £21, and a box of 12 pies is currently £42. This works out at £3.50 per pie, which I think is a great price for a good quality, homemade pie – especially so if you’re a bit rubbish at making pastry (like me). They are stored in the fridge (there is a minimum 8-day shelf life), and can also be frozen – as well as cooked from frozen.

Each pie comes packaged in its own box – which is also perfect for serving the pie in if you’re on the go – you can also eat these pies cold (and they taste just as good!) Each box is labelled with the ingredients and use by date. The back of the box has the cooking instructions, as well as a few other bits of info. Please do excuse the flash filled photo of the back of the box down below!

Pieminister Pie BoxesPieminister Pie Boxes - backNow for the important bit – the pies themselves! I’ll start off by saying that the pastry on all the pies had just the right about of flake and texture, and not a soggy bottom in sight! All the pies were also chock full – no scrimping on filling here.

We take taste testing rather serious in this house. The testers for these pies were myself and my husband and our favourites were slightly different from each other – but this was down to individual tastes rather than a bad pie.

I’ll start with the new limited edition pies first…


A beef wellington in a pie – British beef steak, free range British prosciutto, Long Clawson stilton and chestnuts in a rich red wine and port sauce.

The mistlemoo pie was my favourite, and hubby’s second favourite. It had a strong rosemary flavour, which is probably why I loved it the most – it’s my fave herb! I was surprised to like this pie because it has stilton in it, and I’m not a fan of that particular cheese, but it wasn’t overpowering and gave just the right amount of tang. There were plenty of pieces of meat inside, and the gravy was rich and decadent.


merry berry

A great alternative to the Christmas roast – Free range British turkey and bacon with roast parsnips, sherry, red wine and cranberries.

The merry berry pie tasted really mushroomy to me, and I’m not a big fan of mushrooms, this made the pie my least favourite. However, that’s not to say it was a horrid pie – it wasn’t. There was lots of turkey pieces in there, and every so often you’d get a hit of sweet parsnip which was nice. Hubby placed this pie third on his list.



Christmas has come early for veggies – made with Cheddar cheese and honey-roast parsnips with leeks and chestnuts.

The christingle pie is Vegetarian Society approved, and was my second favourite pie. For my hubs though, it was a bit too sweet, so he put this down as fourth on his list. I loved the cheesy pie crust, the big pieces of potato and parsnips and the flavour of the leek really came through as well.


deer santa

A Christmas twist on the deerstalker – British venison cooked in red wine with free range British bacon and puy lentils.

And finally, the deer santa pie was my husband’s favourite – he loved the rich meaty gravy, which was full of flavour and the generous portion of meat inside. I enjoyed this pie too, but found the lentils were a bit drying on my palette – I’m not a big fan of puy lentils for this reason, so this pie for me was my third favourite.


Overall we really enjoyed the Pieminister pies – and would certainly buy them again. They were filling, full of great flavour combinations, and the pastry was lush – all the marks of a good pie! I’m happy to see on their website that they also have a small selection of lighter pies with less calories, as well as pie pots that are potato topped and can be cooked in the microwave – perfect for taking to work! Because you can eat the pies cold, they are fab for taking on a picnic – especially as they come in their own little boxes.

I love that Pieminister use British produce and free range meat and eggs, as well as fresh herbs and vegetables in their pies. You could feel the love of their product with each mouthful!

As I mentioned earlier, you can buy them online on the Pieminister website, as well as online at Ocado and in Waitrose stores.

Have you tried Pieminister pies before? Which of these festive flavours do you think would be your favourite? Let me know in the comments section below this post!


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