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We’ve often talked about going away for Christmas – mainly to get away from all the stresses that the build up to it and the big day itself can bring! I hasten to add that these are stresses that I bring upon myself because I need to have things “just so“. I flit from wanting to do ALL the things at Christmas, to wanting to do nothing at all and letting someone else take over.

Now, we all know that my dream Christmas holiday will always Walt Disney World, but, believe it or not, we do go away to other parts of the world!  I have a lot of family in Cyprus, so it would be pretty awesome to stay at a villa in Cyprus to catch some winter sun and spend Christmas with them!

However, we have our festive traditions, and things we simply must do so, I’ve put together my perfect Christmas capsule of some of the things that really make it feel like Christmas for us, and they would all go into my suitcase to take with us!


  1. Party dress – we always dress up for Christmas Day, and naturally, that dress has to be purple!
  2. Christmas jumper – I’ve only ever been to Cyprus in the height of summer, but I know that in December the weather can cool right down, so I’d need a snuggly Christmas jumper to cosy up in!
  3. A Christmas Story – one of my favourite Christmas films; we watch it every year!
  4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – an absolutely hilarious film, another must watch for us!
  5. Scrooge – a classic movie, and it simply must be the version with Albert Finney
  6. Yankee Candle Christmas Memories – I would have to be reminded of the aromas of Christmas, and a candle is perfect to help with that. You can’t go wrong with one called Christmas memories can you?!
  7. Christmas Decorations – this tree is a pop-up tree, lights and baubles and all! It would totes fit in my suitcase!
  8. Presents – it’s not Christmas without presents under the tree!
  9. Trivial Pursuit – there is a new family edition of this classic board game out now, so everyone, including the kids will get a chance to play the adults at their own game!
  10. Luxury chocolates – we always splash out on a posh box of chocs!
  11. Michael Bublé Christmas – this man’s voice is smooth as silk, and Michael’s Christmas album is always playing at this time of year!
  12. Prosecco – need some bubbles to celebrate!
  13. Panasonic Lumix FZ200 Camera – my camera to capture all of the memories!
  14. Poker Set – because it’s tradition for us to play Texas Hold ‘Em after our Christmas dinner!

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