Our Weekend at Romney Sands, Kent [Trip Report, Part 3]

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…continued from part 2…

Due to school and work commitments, today would be our last day at Park Resorts in Romney Sands. We did think about staying the final night and driving home early, but ain’t nobody got time for that! We made the most of our last day though with another visit to the beach across the road, and then a drive later in the day to Dymchurch, with more seaside fun.

Sephy was up with the lark, and the soundproofing was so good in the caravan that I didn’t even hear her, and her mum and dad get up. Either that or my ears are not tuned into toddlers any more! Everyone fancied a fry up, but wanting to do my best to stick to my diet, I said I would take Sephy to the park, whilst they had breakfast. So we took the short walk over to the complex; they went in for brekkie, and my niece and I stayed outside. The weather was a bit chillier this morning, so she definitely needed a coat. I even needed to wear a cardigan – not like me at all!

The play area is huge with swings, and obstacle course and a climbing frame. There is also a mini golf course here, which Sephy wanted to play on…by dropping the golf balls into the obstacles and watching them roll out. I got talking to a mum who was with her two boys, and she was telling me about the mini railway. They only run one an hour on a Sunday, but it’s a great ride, and something we must go back and do one day.

Romney Sands Weekend Break (18)

Once breakfast had been eaten, Liam, Phil and Jo decided they also wanted to have a go on the swings…I don’t think we ever really grow up do we?!

Romney Sands Weekend Break (8)

It was just a short walk to the beach, crossing the mini railway tracks on the way. We could also see kites blowing in the sky, so figured that everyone was making the most of the wind with their sand-board-windy thingys!

Romney Sands Weekend Break (3)

Romney Sands Weekend Break

As we got closer, we realised that the tide was in a lot closer than it had been – not so close that there wasn’t any beach to play on, but enough so that instead of wind surfing on the sand, there was windsurfing on the water instead. It was pretty awesome to watch!

Romney Sands Weekend Break (47)

Romney Sands Weekend Break (19)Despite it being really windy, we braved the conditions to try and build some sandcastles, but eventually the sand was blowing everywhere (I’m still finding it!) and so we admitted defeat and went back to the caravan. Here are some lots of photos from our time on the beach! It was also pretty cool to be able to see the white cliffs of Dover.

Romney Sands Weekend Break (31)

Romney Sands Weekend Break (38)

Romney Sands Weekend Break (64) Romney Sands Weekend Break (20)

 …Continued in Part 4…

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