Our Wedding Stationery

In this post telling you all about our wedding day, back in August 2009, I’m going to cover all the other wedding stationery that I designed and made. When I say stationery, I basically mean anything that I designed and printed!

I’ll start with the Table Name Cards. We decided to name our tables, rather than number them. After much discussion, we opted to name them after artists we’d seen in concert together (and a couple that we hadn’t to make up the numbers!)

At the top right of each card, I put a photograph of the artist that the table was named after, with their name in the centre. Along the bottom, I put the date and venue of the concert, so that people would realise that we didn’t just pluck random artists out of the air! The top table was The Darren Hayes Table – my favourite musician of all time :) Going to see him again this autumn…twice…as a VIP :D

To help guide people to their table, rather than create a seating plan on a large piece of card – which I envisioned would be a nightmare, I would make escort cards instead. I discovered escort cards on The Knot which is an American wedding website, and were I got a lot of inspiration for our wedding. They were very easy to make, and I thought would be easier for the guests to grab their name and take it with them to find their table, rather than congregate around a seating plan trying to find themselves!

I simply folded over some black card, mounted the guest’s name on the front, with the table name on the back. I embellished them with purple heart crystals.

As I felt that most (if not all) of our guests wouldn’t know what these escort cards were, or their function, I made a little sign to go next to them.

They worked! I’ve recommended that my sister do the same for her upcoming wedding! Especially since I’m the one in charge of all the stationery :P

Next up, are the CD covers I made for the discs for guests to take away and add their photos to (and send back to us) if they couldn’t upload them online.

I also made our Wedding Programmes – little booklets that my brother – our usher, handed out to guests as they walked into the ceremony room.

I folded over black card to make a little book, designed a front cover which was mounted on purple card, and then printed in the inserts which included thank yous, the bridal party, the ceremony, the order of the day, our readings, our songs and a sweet little poem I found online.

I must have been thinking back then to start blogging and found this ‘in progress’ photograph!

My brother, was also in charge of the music system on the day. To make his job easier, I burned the songs onto 3 different discs, so he wouldn’t get a chance to muss up, and of course, made covers for those!


On our wedding day, we chose three readings. I typed them out and mounted them on purple and black card.

The first reading was ‘Apache Blessing’ read by one of my sisters.

The second was an extract from ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ by Margery Williams which was read by my other sister. I just LOVE this extract. It’s so sweet and meaningful.

The final reading was a poem, that I found online, called ‘The Loving Heart’. My son, who was 10 at the time read it. He did me proud ❤

And that is where I’ll leave this post for now. There are a few more things, but they deserve a post of their own as I have other things to show you with the printed elements!

I’m getting a little bleary eyed and nostalgic remembering our wedding day – it really was one of the most amazing days of my life!