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Today is our 10th wedding anniversary! We have had an amazing decade together, full of highs, lows, laughter, tears, births, deaths, [other people’s!] marriages, vacations, arguments, makeups, house-moves, job changes, and so much more!

I’ve been sharing all the planning details again on my blog to celebrate, and today, I’m re-sharing a post I shared on our 5th anniversary.

Here is to the next decade, who knows, I may still be writing this blog, and get to share it all over again. ♥

5th August 2014…

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary…I can’t believe that 5 years has come and gone so quickly. To celebrate, we spent a weekend up in London, doing the sightseeing tourist thing and went for afternoon tea. It was such a fun weekend and it was great to spend some alone time together being just a couple.

I was looking through some old files on my computer, and I came across a report of the day I had written and shared on a wedding forum that I had belonged to during our engagement and planning of our wedding. I thought I would share it here on my blog!

It’s lovely to read back on because you forget the small parts of the day all the years after, and this report it’s a great diary of the few days before and the wedding day itself!

I wrote this a few days after we came back from our honeymoon in August 2009. I also have a series about all the details of our wedding which you are welcome to read too!

Saturday 15th August 2009…

We’ve been back from honeymoon since Friday afternoon, and slowly coming back down to reality I’ve been busy collecting photos from people and uploading them so I can share them with the you! And since it’s our two-week-aversary thought it would be a good time to share our story!

Saturday 1st August 2009

Wedding countdown really began on today as we had the wedding rehearsal in the morning which was really emotional! I blubbed walking down the aisle – as did my mum and bridesmaids – what are we like?! Everything went smoothly, everyone knew where they had to be an when, and everything seemed very real!! We also took all the stuff to the venue – had a bit of a wasp problem and complained to the venue manager but she said it was just one of those things and couldn’t do anything about it….

I also had my hen do on that day, here are some pics if anyone would like to take a look – we all dressed up in 80s style stuff and had a really good day/night!

Monday 3rd August 2009

This day was probably the most stressful of all the days leading up to the wedding…

Picked up my dress and took 2 of my bridesmaids (BMs) and my mum to learn how to do it up! They got it in the end, although a bit of a panic from my sister to start with before my best mate sorted her out I also saw my bolero jacket for the first time. I wasn’t happy at all as they ignored everything I said when I saw them the week before, but everyone said it looked fine, so I kinda lumped it! I just wanted to get out of the shop as I feel that since I told them I wasn’t happy with the dress (remember my strap saga thread?) they turned on me. For that reason, I am not going to praise them here… the service I received was quite poor, and had been told, what I think I’ll get and what I actually get are two different things… oh well!

Was then told I had to hang up my dress and let the train hang down and out when I got home… panic stations as had nowhere to put it without husband to be (H2b) seeing it – I was in tears until mum thought to put a duvet cover over it so he wouldn’t see – had to clear space and move furniture to hang it up on the picture rail round my front room and children and food was then banned from that room till Wednesday!! I then sat and cried and cried with my mum – I think everything had got to me by this point!

H2b was off work and went with his dad to collect the suits – I suggested that they phoned before going to check they were ready – they were told that they were – they got there…. 3 suits weren’t ready!!! H2b’s, my bro’s and my dad’s….. not impressed! They even said to him, don’t worry Mr O, they’ll be ready on Wednesday – err, hello, we’re getting married on Wednesday!

We then had a blow with H2b’s car hire – the car he chose, power steering had gone!!! And they might not get the part in time (Cadillac) so would have to choose another car… h2b again not impressed!!

Then our photographer phoned to tell us he had a trapped nerve in his arm and would have to bring his assistant with him – not the end of the world as we actually got 2 photographers for the price of 1! Our wedding planner also called, H2b told her about the wasp problem at the venue and she phoned them on our behalf… the next day they removed two wasps nests!!!!!!!!

I got my nails done with my best mate and then chilled for the rest of the night and for the next day.

Tuesday 4th August 2009

Did nothing today It was always the plan! H2b picked up the rest of the suits and then after dinner went to stay with his parents. My best mate (a BM) and her daughter – my flowergirl (FG) had been staying with me, but as her boyfriend was coming down from Leeds (who, by the way got half way down to London before realising he had forgotten his suit(!!!) and had to go back for it) they were staying in a local hotel as I had no room for everyone! My sister – chief bridesmaid (CBM) then came over and kept me grounded for the evening. Thought I would have a really bad sleep, but didn’t! Text h2b goodnight and fell asleep no problems

Wednesday 5th August 2009 – Wedding Day!!

I woke up around 5.15am – I just couldn’t sleep any more! I got out of bed and ran a bath, and proceeded to start taking my bits for the day into the car. At some point I managed to put my back out I started to blub before my sister stopped me and said “stop, you’ll get puffy eyes!!!” So I sucked it up, she rubbed some deep heat on for me, I popped some pain killers and hoped that it would just pass. My other sister (a BM too) turned up at 8 at mine and we put a few things in her car – my dress took up the whole boot of my car!! Which h2b had put ribbon on for me the day before – didn’t want to feel left out as I was taking myself to the venue!!

Got to our venue The Reid Rooms around 9am, our on the day wedding planner Bea was already there and helped us take everything into the farmhouse where we would all be getting ready and staying that night as well. We chilled out till 10 – when my hairdresser Jackie was turning up. We had some Danish pastries, coffee and juice for brekkie and then the fun began!

The morning went by rather quickly – I remember my hair being rolled up and my florist, Caroline from Aura Design turning up with the flowers which were just beautiful! I loved my bouquet so much! She even wired in my “something old” which was a locket from my mum. The BMs bouquets were equally lovely as was the tossing bouquet I had made as well. Our mum’s had an orchid corsage, the Best Men (BeM), Usher, Page Boy (PB) and our dads had a single white rose buttonhole and hubby had a double rose with lisianthus. Then my make up artist, Janine turned up at 11am. As yet I don’t seem to have a close up of me on the day when the makeup was first done, but this was me after my trial.

Next thing I knew, my BMs were dressed and hoisting me into my dress! Our videographer, Steve and photographer, David James and his assistant were suddenly in the room taking pics and video, Bea popped in to say everything was set up and that hubby had just arrived as had lots of guests who were mingling in the courtyard. I got quite nervous at this point, but once I was finally all made up with tiara and veil I was like “let’s get married!!!” I had to see the registrars, who came into the house to see me and I had to sign a certificate and give my dad’s full name and his occupation..?

A few photos (I think! I hope!) were taken outside of the house, my dad took these ones of the BMs – pre wasp attack and then after We were then waiting on the winding path leading up to the ceremony room. I was really hot by this point and was so glad I was clutching my hand fan! I could hear the music starting to play (From This Moment On) and saw my BMs, FG and PB starting the procession down the aisle… then it was my turn!!!

As I walked in, it seemed like a wall of people! I remember looking right and left, I spotted a friend of mine and my two aunties, all of whom were crying – but I was fine, not a single tear! I reached hubby at the end and he just said “wow!” I grinned!!

After an introduction by the registrar, my sister did the first reading – we both sat down for the readings – surprisingly my sister was in pieces reading it! She never cries! She read “Apache Blessing”. Poor thing, she was really struggling after the first section and I said it was ok, she could stop. Bless her!

Then came the official bit where we had to copy what the registrar was saying, I don’t remember what I said! I remember being really hot though – my dress weighed a ton!!

My other sister did the second reading – an extract from “The Velveteen Rabbit”, and then it came to our vows. I was convinced I would cry my way through them, but apart from a little wavering towards the end I was fine. I heard someone say “that’s nice” as I finished my vows. My son then did the final reading which was a poem I found online called “The Loving Heart”.

We then signed the register whilst “I Knew I Loved You” by Savage Garden was playing. When that official one was signed, we signed a fake one, and the tears fell! – I only know this from looking at photos afterwards!

We had lots of photos taken and then announced as Husband and Wife and we walked down the aisle to lots of clapping and Shania Twain’s Forever and For Always.

After this it is a bit of a blur – I remember a glass of asti being presented to us and lots of people then coming up congratulating us! We were then whisked off for photos – it was so hot! We didn’t need those brollies I had bought the week before after all!! My heels were sinking into the grass, so I ended kicking them off and walking around barefoot for a lot of the photos as we were standing on grass. My friend took a great confetti shot which is one of our fave pics. And my dad got this one which I love too!

There was canapes going round which we didn’t see at all! I had assigned my CBM to grab me a mini burger which she duly did! And hubby managed to get a mini fish n’ chips for himself and my son – the rest were wolfed down by our guests! I hear that the giant games went down well – we had chess, jenga, connect 4 and a mini golf set which the kids and adults loved as did the magician – Gavin Davey. We then got taken to where the car was parked to have some pics with that.

We then went to do the fake cake cutting – we were so pleased with our cake! It looked and tasted fab! The room looked great too – our wedding planner Bea, from Ask Parker also did our chair covers and set the tables for us. It all looked wonderful – I was so pleased!

With all the official pics done – the posed ones anyway, we managed to grab 5 mins in the farmhouse to chill out, take my veil off before we did the receiving line which worked really well – the escort cards were grabbed quickly and I turned round and the line was finished I handed out my favours during the receiving line. Then we were announced in to lots of cheers and clapping – an amazing feeling!

The catering staff from Magpie Catering were brilliant – really polite and helpful, the food was lovely and everyone really enjoyed it. The magician wandered from table to table whilst people were taken up to the cold fork buffet, and he then took the kids out whilst the speeches were on to keep them occupied. The kids loved their goody bags that I did for them, and also enjoyed doing the photo scavenger hunt too! Just waiting for the photos to be developed. Bubbles on the tables were a big success too! As were the trivia cards!

Instead of a guestbook we had a wishing jar and I also put up photos of our parent’s and grandparent’s weddings which everyone thought was a nice touch. We also left CDs out for people to take home and burn their pics to for us. We have a few back already.

The top table flower arrangement was gorgeous! As were the table centrepieces. As the glasses were mine I gave some of them out to my relatives, and some other people just took the flowers and left the glass.

My dad’s speech was very funny, he was so nervous beforehand but did a great job! Our best man was also very nervous, but did a grand job from what I remember…. I can’t really remember them that well, nor can hubby, so we can’t wait to see the DVD when that comes back to us! Hubby told me he added something to his speech about how he had a vision in his head how I might look on the day, but that I totally blew away all his expectations and that I had never looked more stunning! *blush*

I got up after the speeches to have a wander and a stretch of my legs and saw our wedding singer Craig Neil setting up in the next room and went to say hi. Bea had set up the candy buffet which looked fantastic and went down a storm! There was hardly anything left!

We did our proper cake cutting in the evening so that the evening guests could see. I then threw my bouquet – my florist had made a tossing bouquet for me. My married friend caught it first, then she tossed it and my cousin nearly floored another guest trying to grab it!! We then went into our first dance to Your Song I cried my eyes out!!! But was so happy and I remember saying to hubby – we’ve done it – I can’t believe we’ve done it! Then I had a dance with my dad to Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely“.

After that, Craig Neil launched into his first set which was rat-pack. I felt really bad for him as everyone was sitting outside in the courtyard as it was just too hot on the dance floor. I did float in for a dance and there were a few couples dancing which was good to see. Then the DJ took over before Craig went into a second set with some party/soul tunes. Hubby and I danced for most of this set and I said to Craig that I was sorry no one was dancing – he said that he was there for us two and as we were on the dance floor he was happy – he only wished someone had said people would probably be outside as he would have set up out there instead… I wished someone had said too! Oh well!

For the evening buffet we catered for 80% of our 120 guests… about 20 people didn’t show up in the evening, and all the food went! I was so surprised! I know that some people didn’t even get a look in! But the buffet (what I had of it) was really nice and the caterers on the whole did a fantastic job with the food and service. Hubby also put £500 behind the bar for the evening guests and that lasted all of about an hour!

As our wedding was on a weekday lots of guests left early, which I was expecting. But we had always said we’d stay till the bitter end! And we did. There were about 20 people left by midnight and our final song “Love is in the Air” was brilliant with everyone on the dancefloor!

We said our goodbyes and went into the farmhouse and swapped our presents to each other – I had already given hubby a pocket watch, crystal cufflinks and a pair of “so you don’t get cold feet” socks in the morning. Hubby gave me an iPod, a Nintendo DS and Beyonce tickets! I was floored! I gave him a sushi experience and felt so bad cos I knew he would have spent so much more on me! Especially as he had bought my jewellery as well! He also had organised a signed photo of David Tennant!! We then swapped love letters which was really nice and a tear jerker! We then read the messages from our wish jar before flaking out!

I didn’t want to take my dress off – I absolutely LOVED wearing it! Although by the end of the day it was absolute filth!!

All the stress and planning was certainly worth it, and everyone said how much they loved the wedding and seeing things that they hadn’t seen before – the magician, the games, the candy buffet, the bathroom baskets. The only negative thing I heard about our wedding was from an unknown pair of guests during the receiving line (and not realising my sister was on the end of it handing out the Greek wedding cakes) said “it’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be”. Nice to know they went to our wedding with such low expectations I haven’t a clue who said it, but I don’t care now!

Thursday 6th August 2009

The next day we all had breakfast together in the farmhouse before taking everything home. My son went with my parents as he was staying with them for the week whilst we went on honeymoon. We got home and opened all our cards and presents (too tired the night before!) before heading off to Brighton to stay in the DeVere Grand hotel – hubby had told them we had just got married and our room was upgraded and we got a complimentary bottle of bubbly, some strawberries and a box of chocs! The next day we went to Hayling Island and stayed at the Warner Leisure Hotel at Sinah Warren. It was bliss to have a week to ourselves, even though we were the youngest people there!! Hubby got all arty with our wedding rings on the beach – here is his wedding ring and here is mine with my engagement ring.

My advice to those planning their wedding is if you want something and can afford it – have it! Of course everyone’s experience of things are different, but I’ve read on the forums, don’t have favours they’re a waste of money and no one takes them… we essentially had three and they were all taken home! I’ve read that candy buffets don’t get eaten – ours was practically finished! If you can afford to have your hair and makeup done, I recommend doing it as it takes the pressure off you, and it’s nice to be pampered! And if you can afford an on the day planner to oversee things, it really does take the pressure off you both.

And finally, believe what they say when it goes quickly! It really does! But just enjoy every second, and whatever emotions you feel, just go with it – I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I danced, I had fun and I married the love of my life

We both wish we could re-live our day again!! If I could sum up our wedding day I would say…

It truly was the most fantastic day of my life. It exceeded all of my expectations and it was great to see everything that I had made and planned all come together!

Thanks for letting me share my day with you all – the planning, the highs and the lows, the build up and finally the big day itself!!

And finally, I made a video montage of our day…it makes me smile every time I watch it ♥

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