Our Football Family + How to win amazing football experiences with Barclays

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Our Football Family + How to win amazing football experiences with Barclays

Did you know that Barclays are giving away amazing football experiences for the whole family?

“Who do you support?” A phrase uttered up and down the country, from school playgrounds, to the workplace. Football is one of those sports that brings people, of all ages, together…

Over the course of Barclays’ 15-year sponsorship of the Premier League, they have worked to make a positive impact and to celebrate they’re giving away some amazing experiences that I know my husband and son would love.

BarclaysIn 2004 when Barclays became title sponsor, they made a commitment with the Football Foundation (the largest sports charity in the UK) to set up sports sites for young people.

Over the next decade they have invested £40 million in Barclays Spaces for Sports and over 200 sports sites have been set up around the country, largely in deprived inner city areas. All are used for grassroots sports and engage millions of young people.

Barclays have invested heavily in employability programmes for the young, most recently Barclays Premier League Works, with 17 Clubs now using football as the catalyst to get young people trained and ready for work.

With a football mad child – well, he’s a young adult now – I know how interested I was to find out how Barclays have championed this generation of football for young people, giving them access to amazing football experiences. My son, Liam struggled somewhat in school, and his GCSEs, but football has always been a constant throughout his life. He lives and breathes football – watching it, playing it, reading about it, wearing the kit for his favourite team – his love for football goes way back…

I didn’t grow up in a football household – my dad didn’t really support any team – and it was only when I met Liam’s dad, John, that I then became part of a football family. John used to play for local teams, and I suddenly found myself standing on the sidelines of a pitch, on a cold January morning, watching him and his team take on the opposing side. Cheering them on, and shouting at the ref for bad decisions!

John was a West Ham United fan, and football was a big part of his life, as it is for many. When we had Liam, the first thing his dad went out and bought for him, was a baby Hammers kit – oh how I wish I had that photo scanned on my computer to share with you!  From a little tot, my boy was also a WHU fan. He would kick a ball about with his dad, and watch the matches on the television. He played in an after school team, so I found myself again, on the sidelines, cheering him on – he played in goal, just like his dad. Liam always said he’d like to be a footballer one day – most young boys’ dream I think.

John and I split up when Liam was 4, but whenever he saw his dad, football was always on the agenda. When he turned 16, we got him the Hammers strip, with his age and name on the back – a treasured piece of kit!

I met my husband Steve (a Liverpool fan), when Liam was 6, so there has always been [friendly] banter, and rivalry in the house between Steve and Liam (now 17) , and even between Steve and John. It always makes me giggle when I see what serious business supporting a football team is. But that’s what football is all about isn’t it? The banter, the support, the rivalry – but always, the spirit of the game is first and foremost.  They’ve all gone to watch matches together – be it a match in the Barclays Premier League, or our local team. I remember how excited Liam was when he went to watch his first Barclays Premier League game at Upton Park, back in the early days of the sponsorship. I remember us watching matches on the TV, and the cheers as goals hit the back of the net, or shouts of dismay when things didn’t go “our” way. Because a football team belongs to us – the fans!

My boy is all grown up now, but a new little footballer has come into the fray – my little niece Sephy! When the weather is dry, we all, as an extended family, head over to the park for a kick about. And if it’s not that, Liam is up there with his mates for game, or even by himself to practise his skills.

A chance to win Barclays Premier League experiences for your family!

After proudly championing this generation of football for 15 seasons, Barclays are now celebrating by giving away yet more extraordinary Barclays Premier League experiences for all the family.

These include tickets to games, and other amazing experiences such as the chance to present the Barclays Premier League Trophy to the champions at the end of the season. I know Steve would love the chance to hand over the trophy to his team (if they were still in  with a chance!).

This film shows just what a once in a lifetime experience that would be and how you can enter on behalf of your loved one,  whether you’re a Barclays customer or not.

They are also giving away mascot places and , a trophy visit at your child’s school for customers, which is such a great prize for kids. If my boy was still in school, I know how much he, and his friends would LOVE the opportunity to win such an awesome experience as seeing the Barclays Premier League Trophy in real life!

So if you are a Barclays customer, or know someone who is, why not enter the competition?

Disclosure: A sponsored post in association with Barclays.

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