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The penultimate month of the year is over, meaning just 31 days left of Project 365:2014!

This year really does seem to have flown by at lightning quick speed, and I know I say it at the end of each month, but I just can’t believe another one has gone already.

November was quite an emotional month for me, I suffered really badly from the change in the season to dark nights; as well as a lengthy bout (for me) of depression. I think that is reflected in my photographs where they are quite dark and of the same sort of tone. Although, by day 324, I had started to pick myself up a bit. it can be a battle still on some days, but I’m fighting through. I do hide my feelings quite well, and don’t like it to be the focus of my blog which is why I don’t really write about things like that.

Project 365:2014 - November Roundup

How have you been doing with your photography project? Have you managed to keep up so far? Have you seen an improvement in your photography? Have you been able to make use of any of my Project 365 ideas and tips? Here are all of this months tips and ideas…

  1. Get ready to burn
  2. Sparkle
  3. Lots of something
  4. It’s been a while
  5. A natural backdrop
  6. Tree silhouettes
  7. Puddles
  8. Perfection isn’t everything
  9. A moment of silence
  10. Birds in flight
  11. 888,246
  12. Standing out in a crowd
  13. Colours of the wind
  14. Search amongst the leaves
  15. Gnarly
  16. You make me proud
  17. Far away
  18. Holly
  19. Tree mushrooms
  20. Keep going
  21. Hair
  22. The two of us
  23. Rudolf
  24. Frozen
  25. Yellow roses
  26. Singleton
  27. Thanksgiving
  28. Winter sun
  29. Deer
  30. Moss

Which photo (if any!) do you like the most? View all of Project 365:2014 here.

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