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Norway, Mexico, Canada + UK Pavilions
August 20th, 2013

Continuing on from my trip report for Day 7 – I Can Show You The World here is our final journey through Epcot World Showcase – Norway, Mexico, Canada and the UK.

It was getting later in the day now, as I mentioned in my previous post, there were already crowds gathering to watch the evening’s fireworks, and we decided to just pass by both Norway and Mexico to grab a spot closer to the International Gateway exit so we didn’t have to battle too many crowds when leaving to pick up our car at the Beach Club Resort.

We walked straight through Norway. I knew that there was a giant troll here somewhere as my friend had shared a photo of him with it a few days before, but we decided to leave finding it for another day. Just one photo from Norway of this building!

We came to Mexico next and saw the Mexican pyramid, which is where the Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros ride is…but we wouldn’t see that until another day. We saw some huge sombreros sitting outside a shop, so Liam tried one on…

As you can see our visit into Norway and Mexico was uneventful! So instead here are some night shots I took around Epcot World Showcase whilst we tried to find somewhere to stake out for IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

There is not a single photo from the Canada Pavilion I’m afraid, but I did take two from the UK Pavilion…

As we walked around the lake, we kept our beady eyes open for a spot to stand for the fireworks, but there was no gap at all in the crowd! *sobs* On our last visit to see IllumiNations, it had been pouring with rain, so the park was quite empty! In the area we were standing to watch them (near the gift shop in Canada) we were the only ones! This time around it was quite a shock to see so many people claiming ground and railings a couple of hours before the start of the show.

By now, we’d reached the bridge between the UK and France, and I made an executive decision to just stop and stand where we could. Liam was waning a little, as was I, but we wanted to see the fireworks. Steve managed to squeeze into the crowd by the railings, but the boy and myself stayed back on the bridge.

And so, we waited….

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