Nautical/Beach Bathroom Inspiration

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I can’t quite believe that 2 years ago I wrote a blog post about the plans for renovating our house, and it’s only just now, that we are finally doing some of the things on the list. Allow me to bring you up to speed!

The single story extension and loft conversion didn’t go to plan. We were not able to borrow as much money as we thought we would be able to, so we had to knock the idea of extending the house on the head. We did however, have our loft boarded out, which means we can now use it as storage – paving the way for the removal of the ugly shed in our garden. We also decorated my son’s bedroom (and once he tidies it up, I’ll take a few photos for an update). Everything else just hasn’t been done… I feel ashamed!

We have never decorated our bathroom, leaving it as it was from the previous owner. At some stage, they added extra tiles to the existing tiles, so we have a weird two-layer tile thing going on. The grout around the tiles is beyond cleaning – doesn’t matter what we do, it still looks grubby, as does the mastic around the bath and sink, which is not mould resistant. I’m embarrassed having to share these details, but it is what it is.

The lino doesn’t sit on the floor correctly, the coving around the walls isn’t fitted properly, there isn’t enough storage space, there are rust marks on the metal hanging rails and radiator, the light fitting is ugly, I don’t like the gold coloured taps… Quite frankly, I go in and out of the bathroom as quickly as I possibly can! I present to you our before, bathroom…

As I griped to my husband (for the hundredth time) about the state of our bathroom (and everything else), I received an email from Bathroom Takeaway about working together on renovating our bathroom. I didn’t hesitate, and replied saying that I would love the opportunity.

I started to browse their website for the fixtures and fittings, called plumbers for quotes, and scoured Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Bathroom Takeaway have a wide range of products – from complete suites, starting at a very affordable £179, through to separate elements for you to mix and match your own style.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to live by the sea, and a bathroom (to me at least!) lends itself well to a nautical/beach theme. That is the exact direction I will be taking the decoration of our bathroom.  I’m thinking a sandy coloured floor, or maybe a driftwood style, or even these amazing water patterned tiles; hues of whites, blues and aquamarine on the walls – probably a mixture of painted walls, and tiling; white bath/toilet/sink; and some suitably themed accessories, including my seashell collection, and maybe a framed print of one of my photographs, to finish things off.

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When it comes to making decisions, I’m quite flaky – I see something I like, then I see something else I like, and battle with myself as to which one I should decide on! The struggle is real!

Here is my mood board, (which you can also view on Polyvore) to give both me and you, some nautical/beach bathroom inspiration. Keep reading to see my thinking behind  some of the items I’ve picked out so far.

Nautical/Beach Bathroom Inspiration - this mood board is a good start for creating a sea side theme for your bathroom re-design.

Nautical/Beach Bathroom Inspiration

First off, I’m aware that I’ve not actually added a toilet to the board… this is an oversight on my part! We did think about having an all-in-one unit for the sink and toilet, but thought the loo would be too close to the sink, and decided to have separate units instead. We’ve chosen the Absolute back to wall unit with pan and soft close lid, I like that the little shelf on the unit can be utilised (space and storage is a premium in our bathroom). To complement that, we’ve chosen the Absolute vanity unit and basin, which will make use of the space underneath the sink.

We don’t have room for a separate shower in our bathroom, so have picked a p-shaped shower bath. I have toyed with the idea of getting rid of the bath altogether, and just have a shower, but I know, if we did that, I’d end up missing the bath! This seems like the best of both worlds. We’d have a waterfall tap for running the bath, and a thermostatic shower, with a rainfall head. I’ve always wanted a heated towel rail too – there is nothing nicer than wrapping up in a snuggly warmed towel after getting out of the shower.

There is an area in our bathroom for some storage units – currently it is dead space with nothing there. I want to be able to keep bathroom toiletries in the room they are used in. At the moment, we keep toiletries in a hallway cupboard. On the wall in this space is an old fashioned cabinet, which has seen better days. I want to replace that with either a nice print, (see my photo above!) or a mirror, with a little shelf below it. Alternatively, there is space between the two windows in our bathroom for this cute round mirror.

For the walls, I’m thinking shades of blue and aquamarine. I think we’d paint half of the bathroom, and then tile around the bath, sink, and toilet. I wouldn’t go full out mosaic on the tiled walls – way too much. Perhaps just a feature behind the shower? With more neutral tiles for the rest of the wall? For the floor, I was thinking a sandy coloured floor tile. But then I saw those amazing water themed tiles I mentioned earlier, and I’m in a quandary! I think it would be too much – I’d have to keep everything else quite plain I think, so it’s not too in your face!

There seems to be lots of nautical/beach/seaside accessories and knick-knacks to decorate bathrooms. I’d love a seashell light pull. I added a pewter spiral shell one to my mood board, but have also seen some made with real seashells which I think is very cool. I’d use the lobster pot baskets for rolled up hand towels, and pretty soaps – sitting the baskets on top of the storage units.

Make sure you check out my my Bathroom Inspiration Pinterest Board, which I’ll be pinning to until I make a final decision! I’m really excited about finally getting our bathroom done!

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