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Dining Date: 6th August 2011

We chose to eat at Mythos Restaurant on our first visit to Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida. We booked a reservation for midday, and we had to wait about 5 minutes from the time it was booked for.




We were lead to our table, we sat down – the chairs are H-E-A-V-Y! Our server, Laura, presented us with menus which we perused whilst she brought us drinks and some delicious rosemary bread. But, as with Paradiso 37, all she did was take our order, bring us our drinks (and bread) and present us the bill at the end. It feels weird to tip someone who didn’t do the whole service, but perhaps this is the way things are done in the US? It was only our second dining out experience.

Since the corn dog we shared a few hours ago had done its duty of providing energy and was now used up, we were all pretty hungry so we ordered both starters and mains.

Liam had the chef’s signature Pizza ($8.99), which if I can recall was a cheese pizza with BBQ chicken as the topping. He certainly enjoyed it and ate the lot!


Steve and I shared the Fried Shrimp Sushi ($8.99), which despite my reservations of frying sushi, was pretty tasty – but let’s face it, most deep friend foods are!


From my diary, the starters were the highlight of the meal, as the mains weren’t as nice it would seem.

Liam chose to have the burger ($10.99) and finished most of it (that kid can eat, he doesn’t get his slim genes from me, I can tell you that!)


I took a bite of his cheeseburger and it was yummy – it made me wish I had ordered that instead of the chicken wrap that I had order ($12.99)


I actually slipped most of my wrap onto Steve’s plate of food and he ate it all (don’t know where he puts it either!). Although, to be fair, his main course of crab sliders ($12.99) was pretty small for a main dish, which he was less than impressed with. They didn’t taste all that either, when I had a sample, but then, with my cold, maybe my palette was off kilter that day.


Again, our mains were brought out whilst we were still eating our starter which was really annoying, and my chips were on the cold side of warm. Normally I would complain, but it was quite busy in there and trying to get the waitress’ attention proved difficult, so I didn’t bother.

We didn’t bother with desserts as we thought to get something sweet whilst walking around the park a little later on. From what I recall, there wasn’t much choice anyway.

The total bill was $65.72, and I think we left a 15% tip since we didn’t really see our waitress at all.

All in all, aside from the yummy warm rosemary bread and the sushi, from our point of view it was a bit of a let down food wise; although Liam enjoyed his starter and main. The service was a bit meh. For a restaurant that’s won all these awards, we were expecting something a little bit more. We left feeling a little deflated really, which was a shame. The price, for a theme park, wasn’t actually that bad, so they do have the cost thing going for them, and the interior design was lovely.





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