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Here we go, another week, another graze box! Another repeat this week, but fine because it was one that I enjoyed the first time around. I also got another piece of cake and tea-bag combo – yummy! One savoury, 3 sweet this week.

Graze - Nature Delivered

First up, a savoury snack I was looking forward to but was disappointed with – Boston Baguettes with a BBQ Relish. There were about 8 crunchy tomato breadsticks to dip into a barbecue relish. The sticks were okay, but the relish was yuck! Not very BBQ-y, more like a really bad mango chutney! Good on the cals though for a snack at 84 calories for the punnet.

Graze - Nature Delivered - Boston Baguettes with a BBQ Relish

A repeat sweet punnet called Bounty Hunter with milk chocolate drops, coconut flakes and cranberries. I enjoyed this last time, I enjoyed it this time too. Quite high at 145 calories, but that’ll be the chocolate and the coconut that does that.

Graze - Nature Delivered - Bounty Hunter

Didn’t like the next punnet much. A snack with green mango, pineapple pieces and raisins called Tropical Daiquiri. The mango was really sour, and I couldn’t identify what it was until I read the nutritional info leaflet. The pineapple wasn’t too bad, and the raisins were also a bit on the sharp side. At 105 calories, this box was a no for me.

Graze - Nature Delivered - Tropical Daiquiri

And finally, and what I kinda wish for in every box(!) a Super Carrot Cake with a Afternoon Infusion. Named super carrot cake no doubt because of the seeds on top. The cake was super moist and super yummy. Over too quickly! The tea was delicious too. I enjoyed my afternoon cuppa and cake treat for 88 calories.

Graze - Nature Delivered - Super Carrot Cake with an Afternoon Infusion

This graze box was a total of 422 calories. They are a lot if you are watching calories – even for a light box, but as a once a week treat, I think they’re fine. Who knows how many cals are in the other boxes!!

Graze - Nature Delivered

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