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My 8th graze box landed on the door mat on the day it was supposed to this week, and it’s quite amusing to me how excited I get to receive my graze box in the mail ^_^

This was the first week that I’ve had repeats of some of the snacks. I’m surprised to start getting repeats already as there are still lots that I haven’t received. But they were two that I enjoyed before, so it’s all good.

graze box review

Two savoury, two sweet punnets this week and a total of 414 calories for the whole graze box.

I received a punnet of green olives with basil and garlic which I had in my very 1st graze box. These olives marinated with parsley, basil and garlic are very tasty, and I actually had them with some left over veggie tagine I’d made for dinner the night before. Went together really well :D The punnet was 130 calories for 44g

graze box review - green olives with basil and garlic

The other savoury punnet was called lost army and was filled with an oriental cracker mix. Nice and cruncy and I especially enjoyed the brown/orange covered peanuts. At 86 calories for 22g I felt like it was a nice amount for the calories you were consuming, the box seemed neverending!

graze box review - lost army rice crackers

Another punnet that I’ve had before, and spookily, also in my 1st graze box – Eleanor’s apple crumble, which I really enjoyed last time, and really enjoyed this time. At 115 calories for 32g I received a snack packed with raisins, dried apple and honey cinnamon coated almonds. Just the right amount of cinnamon without being overpowering. This one is a keeper on my graze list!

graze box review - eleanor's apple crumble, dried fruit mix

Finally, I was treated to a slice of lemon and poppy cake with an afternoon infusion of specially blended Assam and Kenyan tea leaves. I received tea and cake back in my 2nd graze box, and in my leaflet it said that they had decided to keep the guilt free high tea (it had been a limited edition, which I hadn’t realised!). I was pleased, it feels like a nice little afternoon treat at 85 calories for 23g.

The lemon cake was lovely – the lemon flavour came through and reminded me of lemon curd. I really enjoyed the tea blend as well.

graze box review- lemon and poppy cake with afternoon tea

All in all, I was very happy with my graze box this week, which I was glad about since last week’s was a little on the disappointing side…I look forward to next week’s box and reviewing it for you!

graze box review

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