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Another week, another graze box, which arrived a day late :( I can’t blame graze since once in Royal Mail’s hands it’s up to them to get to me – but I do look forward to my Wednesday graze box and will admit to feeling a little disappointed!! All new items still for me, so will continue to review until I’ve sampled ALL the snacks ^_^

graze box - nature delivered: Review

One savoury punnet, three sweet…quite a high calorie box too overall.

I’ll start with the savoury snack which was Japanese seaweed rice crackers called very nori-sh. They had a spicy kick to them, and not over nori flavoured, but nice enough. A 13g punnet for a low 59 calories.

graze box - nature delivered: Review - Very Nori-sh

The next two sweet punnets were high in calories. The first being pear tatin – pear, raspberry infused cranberries, yoghurt coated sunflower seeds and almonds at 143 calories for 35g. It was a nice mix and there was a lot of it too. Can’t say I tasted the raspberry in the infused cranberries – weird that they did that, since cranberries are fine on their own!

graze box - nature delivered: Review - Pear Tatin

The next higher calorie punnet was 149 calories for 34g and was a mix of fudge pieces, almond slices, pecan nuts and banana coins called banoffee pie. I really am not liking these bananas – such an odd texture and flavour – much prefer dried banana chips. There were quite a few fudge pieces tucked in at the bottom, but only two pecans. A bit of a disappointing one for me. Won’t have this again.

graze box - nature delivered: Review - banoffee pie

And finally, another sweet punnet called garden of england – a mix of mini strawberries (sweet and yummy), blackcurrants (tart and offset the sweet strawberries) and apple. 70 calories for 25g. I do love the dried strawberries. The dried apple was a bit meh.

graze box - nature delivered: Review - garden of england

Not as overly impressed this week with my graze box – but I’m sure as I receive more and can tailor what I like and don’t like, I’ll start receiving all good stuff!

graze box - nature delivered: Review

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