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I love old photographs – be it ones from my personal history, or those of others. I have a fascination with social history, and so I created the Step Back In Time Linky for bloggers to join in. I love seeing the people and places in a photograph, and hearing the story behind it!


My 7th Birthday

Growing up in a pub meant having our birthday parties down in one of the bars or restaurants, instead of upstairs in our flat. I didn’t know any different, so to me it was normal. To all my friends it was something very cool! Even now, I have friends that came to my birthday parties and say how much fun they were!

This photo is from my 7th birthday back in . It was down in the Wine Bar at The George, Wanstead (where I lived from 1977 to 1989), which was still quite new back in 1983. The stairs which myself (the clown) and my friends are sitting on for this photograph led up to a stage area for musicians, as well as a mezzanine with some sofas and tables.

Clearly, this was a fancy dress party, and it was decided I should be a clown. I didn’t want to be a clown and I remember crying my eyes out when I saw my costume. I remember something about it being because I was fat and needing to hide it. I point blank refused to wear the stupid rainbow coloured wig, and the most make up I had was some red lipstick smeared over my nose, because I didn’t want to wear that stupid red honky nose.

My younger (by 2 years) sister is sitting two steps above, second from the right. She was a fairy. I wanted to be a fairy.

The girl I’m sitting next to was one off my best friends. The sort of best friends that when you’re 7 you say “when we grow up we are going to live together” and we would always be at each other’s houses, staying over and having fun. We went to different high schools, but still remained friends, when she came to the 6th form at my school. We fell out at 18 years old, and we’ve not spoken to each other since. To this day, that makes me sad, and I always wonder how her life turned out.

I remember there was a Magician – magicians were the must have entertainment at parties in the early 80s! It was the same guy that did all the parties. He had a Punch and Judy show too – too freaky for me to even comprehend these days!!

I don’t remember much more about this party, but I’ll have to go and dig out some old photo albums, as there is bound to be more photographs, which I’m sure will help to jog my memory!

You can join in too with Step Back In Time…I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s memories – please click on the image below to be taken to the Step Back In Time Linky to add your post.

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