My 6th Graze Box Review

Graze box number 6 arrived last Wednesday. I didn’t nibble my way through it until Thursday. All new items still for me, so will continue to review until I’ve sampled ALL the snacks ^_^

graze box - nature delivered

Again, I received two savoury and two sweet punnets – I quite like that balance.

First up were some olives – Moroccan Harissa Pitted Beldi Olives to be exact, at 114 calories for the punnet. 12 green olives marinated with harissa, chilli and garlic. They certainly packed a punch! I ate them with some salad and hummus for a light lunch.

graze box - nature delivered: Moroccan Harissa Pitted Beldi Olives

I was happy to see the next punnet in my graze box – Wasapeas! Now these pack even more of a punch!! Dried peas coated with wasabi. Wasabi is Japanese horseradish, and it is very spicy, avoid if you don’t like spicy foods! 128 calories.

graze box - nature delivered: Wasapeas

I groaned when I saw the next punnet filled with those horrid dried bananas, as the last time I had them, they were not very pleasant at all. This mix of mini strawberries, white chocolate buttons and the aforementioned bananas was called Strawberry Milkshake – cute! The strawberries were juicy and sweet and very nice – shame there wasn’t more of those, and the chocolate buttons…mmm, chocolate. But the bananas. Nah. Blergh. 127 calories.

graze box - nature delivered: Strawberry Milkshake

And the final punnet at 136 calories, and the highest this week. (All very high in calories this week it seems) was called Eton Mess and was a mix of almond slices, dried blackcurrants and cranberries and mini meringue pieces. It was a nice balance of sweet and tart from the berries and the meringues. I enjoyed this mix and there was a lot of it.

graze box - nature delivered: Eton Mess

graze box - nature delivered

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