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Another week, another graze box! This one was free :D Free is good! You can get a free graze box too if you like by clicking here. (UK only)

graze box - nature delivered [Review]

One savoury punnet and three sweet this week…I didn’t like one of them…

I’ll start with the savoury punnet of sweet goan curry crackers which there were lots of and really moreish! Nice curry flavour and really crunchy. 107 calories for the punnet.

graze box - nature delivered [Review] Sweet Goan Curry Crackers

In my last graze box I had some really manky dried fruit, luckily this wasn’t a repeat experience with the pina colada mix that I received. Dried pineapple and mango and coconut flakes. My husband would not like this snack! The dried pineapple has a sweet juiciness to it and the mango was so much better than last time! 103 calories for the punnet.

graze box - nature delivered [Review] Pina Colada

Next up was a mix of pear, raisins and pumpkin seeds which were coated with sugar, vanilla, honey and lemon called poached pear – not very imaginative! It wasn’t very nice either – the coating on the pumpkin seeds was vile – way too much lemon which tasted very artificial. At 106 calories, it felt like a waste. Won’t be signing up for this snack again.

graze box - nature delivered [Review] Poached Pear

The final snack was called summer berry compote and consisted of three wholemeal shortbread dippers and a portion of berry compote. At 128 calories, this was the highest of all the snacks I had on this day. The dipper biscuits weren’t too bad on their own, but were made better dunked in the compote which was the right level of sweet and sharp for me. I enjoyed this with a cuppa in the afternoon.

graze box - nature delivered [Review] Summer Berry Compote

The total calories for this graze box was 444. Not too bad, and I use my graze box days as my lunch.

graze box - nature delivered [Review]

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