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It’s embarrassing to admit how excited I was yesterday morning when I remembered that I would be receiving my second graze box!

Graze Box - Nature Delivered! [Review]

After learning that I’d put on 5lbs yesterday at my weekly weigh-ins, I was pretty miserable, and could have easily gone for the chocolate to make myself momentarily better, but knowing that in the long run, it would make me feel even more miserable…my graze box was full of calorie controlled goodies, which was a much better option.

I received my box with my post in the morning and opened it to find out what was inside. I had one savoury item and 3 sweet. I mentioned in my first graze box review that there was a little booklet, which wasn’t there this time – a good thing, I hate to see wasted paper (junk mail, I’m looking at YOU!).

I did receive a leaflet detailing the nutrition of each punnet, as well as my vouchers to give out to my friends for them to claim their free box, which, if you like (and live in the UK) can too by clicking here. It also apologised (in advance) if my graze box was delayed because of the recent snow we’ve been having, which I thought was a nice touch.

So, what did I get this week?

The savoury punnet contained rice crackers called the herb garden. An extra light snack at 91 calories. The mix was oregano rice crackers, crispy peanuts and baked herb bites. I really enjoyed the peanuts, a really tasty crisp coating on them, and the baked herb bites were interesting! I give this one a thumbs up.

Graze Box - Nature Delivered! [Review]

The next thing I munched my way through was bounty hunter. a sweet mix of Belgian milk chocolate drops, coconut and dried cranberries. The chocolate was delish, and it’s nice to eat a combination of flavours in one mouthful. At 145 calories for this punnet, it was quite high, owing to the chocolate and coconut I would imagine. But a guilt free treat.

Graze Box - Nature Delivered! [Review]

This graze box was fun to eat as there was a punnet filled with dried apple and a side of dipping sauce, aptly named toffee apple. The dried granny smith apple was soft and sweet, and the toffee sauce was lush. And an extra light snack of only 68 calories? Score! I did get sticky fingers though :P

Graze Box - Nature Delivered! [Review]

My final punnet I saved till later in the day – brilliant banana bread with dates and hazelnuts. I saved it because, not only did I get some yummy fruity nutty bread, but I also got a tea bag to make a lovely cuppa! I wasn’t expecting that, so it was a nice surprise! This too was an extra light snack at just 59 calories!

Graze Box - Nature Delivered! [Review]

The total calorie content of my graze box this week was 363, which is a lot lower than last weeks box, so even less guilt felt. I hate that food makes me feel guilty :(

Graze Box - Nature Delivered! [Review]

I’m still loving this concept, so will be continuing for a third week! Can’t wait to see what arrives! It’s all quite fun really waiting to see what snacks you get!
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