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It’s been along time since I bought a graze box, in fact, the last time is more than a year ago! I just haven’t been buying them for one reason or another, but last week, I thought I’d treat myself to one. The website has changed a lot, they have several new boxes, and it was one of those that I ordered – the protein box. Other boxes in their healthy habits range are light box with all snacks under 150 calories, sugar count box with all snacks under 10% of your RDA of sugar, pure box with all snacks being pure and nutrient dense, and finally, sustain box with all snacks full of protein or fibre. The protein box that I ordered has snacks that are a source of natural protein. There are lots more boxes too, but I won’t go into those now, but something I’ll look to ordering to try out in the future.

Graze Box - Protein Box Review (1)

Back to this box, in which I received one item that I remember trying before, and three items that I haven’t. Since this is a protein box, I’ll be giving the protein amounts in each punnet rather than calories, which is what I did in the past.

Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky with a Slow-Cooked Tomato Relish

This is a 36g punnet with 8.3g protein. The jerky is chewy, but not too chewy, slightly sweet and very smoky. The dip is nice, but I could happily eat the jerky without it.

Graze Box - Protein Box Review

Rough Blend Peanut Butter with Pretzel Sticks

This is a 27g punnet with 5.9g protein. The peanut butter was very stick to the roof of your mouth dry – which is often the problem with peanut butter! The sticks were nice and crunchy and there was a good stick to dip ratio.

Graze Box - Protein Box Review

Original Three Seed Protein Flapjack

This is a 54g punnet with 7.8g protein. Graze describes these as rustic rolled oat flapjack with linseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and soy protein. They were very tasty. I found them really sweet, but that may well be because I’ve cut the majority of sugar out of my diet now. Very high in calories for the amount too at 252 cals.

Graze Box - Protein Box Review

Pomodoro Rustichella

This is a 21g punnet with 3.1g protein. Other than the basil and oregano almonds almonds in this one (along with mini tomato breadstick, tomato, and cheddar bruschetta) it’s not something I would look at and think “ooh, protein!”. That said, it was very moreish, and the almonds were the ingredient for me in this one.

Graze Box - Protein Box Review

Looking through the list of 25 snacks that are available in the protein box, I wish I’d received more nuts or seeds, rather than the pretzel sticks and the promodoro rustichella, but with graze you can dislike items, ensuring you won’t receive them again. I nibbled through these over the course of a couple of days, since I follow a paleo way of life, I didn’t want them to interfere too much with that, but also know that denying myself a treat can be a slippery slope to all out failure, which is not an option for me any more!

Graze Box - Protein Box Review

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