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Since I’ve shared my to do list printables this week I’m about to present my 2013 Annual To Do List to you in a bid to get it all done by the end of the year :D I think I’m going to need to a whole lot of luck to get all this done in 2013!!

I know that my one of my new year’s resolutions is to get the house organised, so that should also be there – but writing that seems such a huge task that I need to break it down into manageable chunks…more will probably be added to the list as the year goes by!

1. Part of our problem in this house is lack of storage space – and so I have to create it by using plastic crates to keep all of our stuff in one place. Currently a lot of those boxes are sitting on top of very old wardrobes in our bedroom – they’re unsightly and stress me out to look at them – subsequently this makes sleeping difficult :( If I could move the stuff somewhere else, I would…but I can’t. We thought about getting Ikea PAX wardrobes as they are floor to ceiling and would enable us to hide everything behind doors and I’m sure that would help. That’s why, number one on my list has to be for new wardrobes.

The picture that I have just taken on my phone illustrates the horror! A few months back we got all those boxes to put stuff in, and I did try and organise them – you can see the shoddy, falling off labels *shame*, but the contents are in some sort of actual order…who am I kidding? It’s a mess up there I tells ya!

2. We’re lucky in that we have got two brick built sheds in our garden – one is a good size, but is a clutter haven – full of seasonal stuff like garden furniture, a lawn mower, boxes of Christmas and Halloween decorations and suitcases. The other is more like a huge cupboard – in there are things like tins of paint and garden bits and bobs. I would like to turn that into something more useful, not sure what yet, but it’s also a junk yard at the moment. These two storage areas are a big priority, but we’re going to wait for better weather so we can pull everything out and put it in the garden to assess the situation.

Okay, so there is no room to swing a rat in there, never mind a cat…we can just about squeeze into the shed to retrieve stuff when we need it, but it’s a nightmare. This really, really needs sorting out – it drives me mental as I can’t ever find anything I need in there.

This photo above is the smaller of the sheds – the depth is maybe a metre? Maybe a little more. That old 1970s unit has been in there forever, and over time everything else has just been flung inside. Time for it [mostly] to go and be set up in a tidy manner.

3. There is a recessed part of our hallway that is dead space. In some of the same properties along my road they have a cupboard in that space. For some reason, we don’t have one, so I’m thinking of getting a unit or a cupboard to put there and turn it into a pantry. We desperately need more kitchen space, but unfortunately, extending that room isn’t an option, so have to find somewhere else for kitchen stuff to go. Since the recess is right by the kitchen, it seems like a good place for it to be.

At the moment we’ve got a fold-down table sitting there, which of course has got a load of clutter on top…we did used to hang our coats there, but now have a stand in the other corner. We do have some problems here in that we’d have to remove the ‘glued-on-with-who-knows-what’ piece of wood that holds the coat hooks, and there is conduit covering external. As this is an old council house, the place has plenty of that :( We don’t have the funds to re-wire the house, so have to work around that problem.

4. Photo wall…in the front room/living room/family room, we’ve got a huge blank wall that I have planned for a long time to fill up with photographs. I’ve never gotten around to it. This year I hope to. Here’s an example I grabbed from Google Images.

5. The garden is always the last space that gets thought of – at least for most of the people I know. We’ve got a good sized garden but there are a few problems with it – one of them being that it is ultra boggy on the grass if there is a lot of rain; and we’ve had a LOT of rain in the UK recently. That’s why the grass is so ridiculously and embarrassingly long in this photo. This is the back garden, I won’t even touch on the front garden as that is just hideous and I’ve embarrassed my house enough today!

The ugly path down the middle was put there, in the past by the council so that the old lady that lived here years ago could use her garden to hang washing on the line. Next door doesn’t have that, and in the rain his garden is often flooded :( In an ‘ideal-money-no-object’ world, I would rip up all the grass, put down gravel and deck over the whole lot. But can’t do that, so have to come up with another solution to make it look nicer.

That patch of mud you see by the shed is awful – I use it for planting veggies, but these days, it just gets flooded. Someone suggested putting a little wildlife pond there – a good idea.

That handrail has to go – but might need to get a jackhammer to it to get it out of the cement!

We never did fence the garden properly either…no one around me uses their garden though, so privacy isn’t really an issue.

More mud at the front here – annoys me because the patch is so weirdly shaped. Other properties have this concreted or paved over, but here it was mud -__-. Ideal world? Paved over. It’s not that great for growing on either as the front part of the garden doesn’t get much sun (it faces north).

I’m daunted just by looking at this picture and writing about it! If I had the front garden to write about as well (which is huge and covered with fugly bushes and trees) I’d probably cry.

6. & 7. The bathroom needs a new lick of paint, it’s been a couple of years since that saw any attention. Also needs new flooring: ditto. The kitchen, which we were going to replace at one time, but have decided against it as we plan to move in the nearish future, needs to have the tiles replaced. They’re pale green, they’re small, they’re ugly, you’ve seen them in photos. I hate them. I’ve learned to live with my 1970s units! They’re big and spacious (although ours are, of course, full to capacity!). We might get some custom doors made instead to bring it more up to date.

8. When I say home hub, I mean one of these beauties…I’ve got a space in mind in the kitchen for something like this to go. It’s just a matter of doing it.

[Source: Be Interior Decorator]

9. If you read 1., you’ll know that I don’t sleep too well in our bedroom :( I think a new bed will help! I want one of these :D

10. Our second ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Orlando is this year *dances* and it’ll slowly creep up on us if we’re not careful. Whilst we didn’t plan our first trip with military precision, it does need a degree of planning, so we must get onto that A-Sap! There are Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) to make, and park tickets to purchase, and various companies to pay off final balances to…

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto & Donald

11., 12. & 13. I’ve got my son’s 14th birthday coming up in February. I plan on doing him an army themed party, so need to get my party planning hat on for that! My mum is 65 in May so I know I’m going to be called upon to do something for her, including a nice momento gift like we did for my dad’s 60th and like I did for my husband’s 40th. For her 60th birthday we (my sibs and I) put together a scrapbook for her, so need to come up with another lovely idea for her ♥

And, finally, my sister plans on getting Sephy baptised this year, so I’ll be helping her get that all planned – can’t wait! And whilst I’m here and I really should have put it on my list too…it’ll be her 1st birthday in October – going to have fun planning that too!

And with that long post, I’m done with my 2013 Yearly To Do List! Where on earth do I start?!?!

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