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I received my first graze box in the post this morning – how very exciting!

my 1st graze box

my 1st graze box

I got an email yesterday to tell me that my first graze box was on its way to me, and it gave me a link for a sneak peek of what would be in my box…I resisted the urge to look as I quite liked the surprise lol!

I heard the postie this morning and fetched my graze box, which fitted through the letter box as promised. I took a photo (of course) and pulled off the plastic strips that were holding the box closed.

my 1st graze box

Inside was a little booklet with handy tips about graze and how it works. I’ll see if it comes in my next box – I’m hoping not, as it’s a waste of paper to be sent every time.

There was also a leaflet telling me that this box was free, and that my fifth box would be free too (I like free!) It gave the nutritional information for each of the four punnets of snacks in my box, which is good for me as I’m watching my calorific intake. The full ingredients for each punnet can be found online and a link was given for you to check them out if you wish. Also given, were the use by dates which are handy if you don’t want to eat them straight away.

my 1st graze box

Each punnet was covered in a plastic sleeve, which was very easy to peel off. It told you what was inside and I received the following snacks: tom yum yum, green olives with basil and garlic, summer pudding and eleanor’s apple crumble.

my 1st graze box

I put my box to one side and would munch my way through it for lunch :) I quite like these sorts of healthy snacks, so was looking forward to trying them all out.

Off with the wrappers and a I was greeted by a good portion of each snack inside each punnet. There was even a wooden pick for the olives. Tucked underneath all that was a disposable napkin – you see it when you lift the punnets out to peel off the wrapper. I think it could do with being on top, but that’s me being picky!

my 1st graze box

So, let me go through each punnet of snickety-snacks, starting top left with tom yum yum. This portion is 95 calories. The use by date is about a month from delivery.

graze box snack - tom yum yum

Tom yum yum is a spicy rice cracker mix with aromatic kaffir lime leaves. You can see one of the leaves in the shot above. I really enjoy rice crackers, but I wasn’t overly keen on these ones. Nothing wrong with them, other than my palette did not enjoy the kaffir lime…way too over powering for me. So for that reason, I marked it as “bin” on and I won’t receive that particular snack again. The rice crackers were fresh and crisp, so nothing wrong with the texture of them, just not for me flavour wise.

Top right gives me a sweet snack – summer pudding. Calories per punnet is 115. The use by date is 3 weeks ish!

graze box snack - summer pudding

Summer pudding was a mix of dried blackcurrants and cranberries with sponge pieces and yoghurt covered seeds. I lurve dried cranberries, so I enjoyed this sweet treat. I wasn’t sure about the texture of the sponge pieces – which are those larger creamy pellets you can see in the picture – they didn’t taste very nice on their own, but I figure you’re supposed to eat this like a pudding and have a little mix of everything in one mouthful! I’ve marked this as “like” as I don’t mind receiving it again.

Bottom right now, and a good sized portion of green olives with basil and garlic. 130 calories in the punnet and a use by date of about a week.

graze box snack - green olives with basil and garlic

14 pitted green olives (just in case you can’t count ^_^) in a fair bit of oil, but a nice flavour with the herbs (parsley and basil) and garlic. I enjoy olives, so marked this as “like” as I don’t mind receiving it again.

The final punnet, bottom left is eleanor’s apple crumble. This mix is 115 calories and the use by date is about a month.

graze box snack - eleanor's apple crumble

From looks alone, this particular punnet isn’t going to win awards, but for flavour…give it an Oscar! With raisins, almonds and dried apple, flavoured with honey and cinnamon, this was luuuuuush! I didn’t want this one to end! I marked this up as “love” as I would like to see this again (and again) in my graze box on a regular basis!

So that was my first graze box…I was very happy with it – of course, it’s great that it was a freebie, but even if I had paid for it (£3.89 per box) I would still have been happy. These sorts of healthy snack foods are in general expensive, so to get a mixture of them was nice – saves buying a huge bag!

my 1st graze box

I’ve decided to continue with graze, they’re a nice treat… but at just under 500 calories for the whole box, (and this is a lightbox) they are a lot on my particular diet, when I am supposed to only consume 1000 calories per day, but any other time, they’re fine. I tried out the whole box today, so that I could review it on my blog, but next time, I will hold onto each pack and have one a day so as not to go over my calorie intake.

My next box comes on Wednesday (I changed my day) so looking forward to seeing what comes next week!

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