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I’ve got another graze box review for you today. Graze delivers tasty, healthy snacks to your home or work and there are over 100 snacks to try. I’ve been subscribed to graze for more than a year now, but don’t receive them every week. They’re great for a treat at your desk and I love sharing my graze boxes here on my blog.

My most recent graze box was a very sweet one – even with the addition of a savoury snack in the form of Thai crackers…

So, first snack this review is My Thai – baked soy crackers with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. This box is 84 calories and I do love the crunchy crackers. Just the right cracker to dip ratio too.

A dried fruit mix next called Garden of England, a sweet and tart mix of dried apples, blackcurrants and strawberries. The strawbs are particularly nice, they’re like natural jelly sweets! A punnet that is a source of fibre and 70 calories.

A high in fibre packet of slightly sweet healthy Popping Corn which comes in at 113 calories for the huge bag. I love getting the popcorn in my graze box!

And finally a mix of mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds called Cookies and Cream. Graze tells me that this punnet is a source of fibre and of at least two vitamins and minerals. I knew chocolate was healthy! This punnet is a whopping 214 calories – high compared with the others! The sunflower seeds do seem a bit misplaced in this mix – I do love sunflower seeds, but the texture felt weird with the other nibbles.

All in all and okay box – some new things, some things I’ve had before. I really need to go and look at my likes and loves on the graze website to try and get some new things again. With 100 snacks available, I know I’ve not yet tried them all!!

And that’s it for another graze box review – they’re exciting to receive through the most and a real treat too! My next one is not scheduled now until June, so look out for another review in a couple of months time!

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I pay for all of the graze boxes that I receive and review on my blog. I share these reviews because I think graze is a fun concept and I love sharing the punnets of snacks that I receive! This post contains an affiliate link.

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