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I’ve got another graze box review for you today. Graze delivers tasty, healthy snacks to your home or work and there are over 100 snacks to try. I’ve been subscribed to graze for more than a year now, but don’t receive them every week. They’re great for a treat at your desk and I love sharing my graze boxes here on my blog.

A good 50/50 split of savoury and sweet in this box – perfect!

Up first are mixed olives with rosemary and lemon. When you get a punnet of olives in your graze box you also receive a little pick to eat them with which is very handy. This snack is a ‘graze light’ and 128 calories. It is also a source of fibre. The olives were really tasty, and I think I’ve had them before. There did seem to be an awful lot of olive oil though, which was a bit off putting.

The other savoury snack was fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers. 80 calories for this punnet which I really enjoyed. The chutney was fruity and spicy and went really well with the dippers.

Now for the two sweet punnets. First, a dried fruit mix called pina colada. Another snack marked as ‘graze light’ at 103 calories, and also a good source of vitamin C and fibre. the mix contains mango, pineapple and coconut flakes. I really enjoy dried mango and there were lots of nice pieces of it in this punnet.

Finally, apple and cinnamon flapjack, which graze tell me is a good source of fibre. These were so yummy! Really loved the flavour of these – but then apple and cinnamon are a perfect combo in my eyes. They went well with my afternoon cup of tea!

And that’s it for another graze box review – they’re exciting to receive through the most and a real treat too! My next one is scheduled for April, so look out for another review soon!

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I pay for all of the graze boxes that I receive and review on my blog. I share these reviews because I think graze is a fun concept and I love sharing the punnets of snacks that I receive! This post contains an affiliate link.

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