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It’s been 7 months since I last received a graze box through the post and reviewed it on my blog. I’d been sent a few emails about new snacks that they’d introduced, so thought I’d order myself a box!

I never stopped liking them, I think they’re a fab way to have portion controlled snacks, I love that they are often a surprise as to what you receive (unless you look at the email before they come telling you what’s inside!), and I think it’s great that they’re all individually portioned so you can pop a snack into your bag and take graze on the go.

My 16th Graze Box! [Review]

Having not had a graze box for a long time, I was pretty excited to see what I was going to get – and I was a bit deflated to receive some punnets of snacks that I’ve had before. That’s not say that I didn’t like them, but with so many snacks available, I’d hoped to have something completely new.

I received 1 savoury punnet, and 3 sweet. I wish there was a way to request the ratio of savoury to sweet.

First up is applewood smoked beef jerky. Graze’s jerky is made from British beef from an award-winning farm in Hampshire. It comes with a tomato relish on the side and the jerky is very tasty. Full of protein a 91 calories for the punnet.

My 16th Graze Box! [Review] - applewood smoked beef jerky

Next was some dried fruit – cherries & berries. The mix contains cherries, lingonberries, cranberries and jumbo raisins. A good sweet, yet tart mix. I do love dried fruit to nibble on! This punnet is classed as one of your five a day and contains 119 calories.

My 16th Graze Box! [Review] - cherries & berries

From this box, my favourite were these wholegrain banoffee dippers. Three tasty banana flavoured biscuits with a yummy toffee sauce to dunk them in. The most calorific of this graze box at 136 calories, but the biscuits are full of fibre, so that balances right?!

My 16th Graze Box! [Review] - wholegrain banana dippers

Finally, a tea-time treat of banana cake with an afternoon infusion. I love that you receive a teabag to make a cuppa to enjoy the cake! A really nice banana flavour, and just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, enjoy a treat, and not spoil any diet you’re on at just 56 cals! The tea contains Assam, Kenyan and Earl Grey tea leaves – a lovely cuppa!

My 16th Graze Box! [Review] - banana cake with an afternoon infusion

It was really nice to have a graze box come through the post again. And I’ve ordered another one to come in a few weeks time. At £3.89 they might be a luxury for some people, but for convenience (you can have them delivered to work or home) and portion control, I personally think that they are well worth the money.

My 16th Graze Box! [Review]

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