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Haven’t had a graze box review in a while have I? Just before we moved, I received a graze box – I must have somewhere along the line ordered it, and it was really nice to see my graze box land on the door mat! It was a regular nibble box and I was excited to see what treats were inside.

Even though I’m on a diet, I do feel that a treat every so often is a good thing, and these snacks are all portion controlled and calorie counted which doesn’t make me feel bad about diet deviation!

Whilst I’ve ‘been away’ (not had a graze box sent for weeks, maybe even months now) there are a few new additions – little puds and beef jerky! Both of which I received…

graze box review

First up, a snack flavoured with my favourite herb – rosemary. The punnet contained mini tomato breadsticks, rosemary and garlic cashews and kalamata olive croutons and was called olive and rosemary bruschetta. 29g/139kcals. the cashews were the best! and a really generous portion – felt never ending when I was nibbling on them whilst working!

graze box review - olive and rosemary bruschetta

A new addition – applewood smoked beef jerky. I’ve never tried beef jerky before and my first reaction was that it smelled a little bit like Pepparami! It didn’t taste like it though! It tasted gooood! Really flavourful and a nice texture. Again, a nice portion size (36g/91kcals) and I would love to see this in my graze box again in the future. On the side was a tomato relish which I actually dunked my crunchy snacks into rather than the jerky!

Graze’s jerky is made from British beef from an award-winning farm in Hampshire. You can read about the process here if you like.

>graze box review - applewood smoked beef jerky

A sweet little pud was next (another new item, 47g/135kcals) called apple and blackcurrant crumble with blackberry compote. You can heat it up directly from in the punnet for about 10-15 seconds and eat it warm – it was yummy!! Sweet, but not overly sweet and felt like a nice treat in the afternoon with a cuppa, oh, and you even get a little wooden spoon to eat it with!

graze box review - apple and blackberry crumble with blackberry compote

Finally, lightly salted popcorn. I’ve received popcorn in my graze boxes before, but never actually gotten around to popping the stuff and snack on it!! This time, I did. Really easy to do, just take the outer packaging out, and unfurl the popcorn bag – the instructions are printed on one side. My 850 watt microwave only needed 1 minute of popping time, and not the 2 minutes suggested – so be wary of this when cooking your popcorn (although, it does advise to stay near your microwave so you can hear when it stops popping).

A huge, generous bag of popcorn (28g/127), nicely salted and definitely moreish! I’ll have to go and dig out the other bags I’ve got sitting in the cupboards!

graze box review - lightly salted popcorn

graze box review - lightly salted popcorn

graze box review - lightly salted popcorn

graze box review - nature delivered

Having not had a graze box for so long, this was a real treat, and a nice selection of snacks. I’ve got another one scheduled for a few weeks time, so look out for the next review :)

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