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Week 13 of my weekly graze box, and still loving them! This will be my last week of the “Light Graze Box” as I’ve decided to have a bit of a change and to go along with my 28-day detox, move over to a “Boost Graze Box”…I’ll still be reviewing them – lots of snacks to still get through!

graze box review - nature delivered!

So…what was in this graze box – you can see from the above photo where I took a photo with the plastic sleeve lids still on. This is because I didn’t eat the whole graze box in a day – crazy I know!

Two of the punnets I have had before, and two I haven’t…here’s what I thought of this weeks graze box…

First up Moroccan Harissa Pitted Beldi Olives – I had these in graze box 6. They do pack a punch with the chillies in the harissa, and went well with the salad that I ate for lunch that day.

graze box review - nature delivered! - Moroccan Harissa Pitted Beldi Olives

My other savoury nibble was a mix of baked curry bites, spicy chickpeas and masala cashews called Mumbai Masala. A really nice mixture of textures and tasted good.

graze box review - nature delivered! - Mumbai Masala

Way back in my 2nd graze box I received a sweet treat called Toffee Apple and I got it again -yummy! Dried pieces of apple with a toffee sauce to dunk into.

graze box review - nature delivered! - toffee apple

And finally, a real treat – the graze brownie. Something new as hadn’t noticed it on the website before. Lovely and soft and chocolatey, no skimping on the nuts garnishing the top either. Nice with a cup of afternoon tea!

graze box review - nature delivered! - the graze brownie

All in all, a very nice box of snacks to round off my light graze boxes that graced my door each week…of course, me writing this very late, means that I’ve had my boost box and will be sharing that with you tomorrow!

graze box review - nature delivered!

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