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I love old photographs – be it ones from my personal history, or those of others. I have a fascination with social history, and so I created the Step Back In Time Linky for bloggers to join in. I love seeing the people and places in a photograph, and hearing the story behind it!

Step Back In Time…

Today’s photograph is from my mum and dad’s wedding day.

My parents met at The George in Wanstead. A pub where they both were working. Dad to put himself through college and mum to save up for a round-the-world cruise. By the time they got married on 14th August 1975, they were 1st Assistant Managers of the pub.

Mum and Dad's Wedding Day

Mum & Dad’s Wedding Day

I’ve always known that mum and dad had a low-key wedding day, but I didn’t know all the details. So I just got off the phone with mum and now I know. Here’s what she told me:

It was a very hot day, and we got married in a registry office in Ilford, behind The Cauliflower pub – the registry office is no longer there. We decided on that particular day because it was one of our days off (it was a Thursday), and the manager of The George was going on holiday the next day. My dad was very ill, which is why the wedding was rushed and not a huge white wedding like my sister had. Sadly, my mum and dad couldn’t come to our wedding. But your dad’s parents did, so did my sister.

I wore a long floral dress from C&A and your dad wore a suit. There wasn’t too much romance – your dad said to go and find the rings and he would give me the money! But nearly 40 years, 4 kids and 2 grandkids later, who can say romance is dead?!

After the wedding service, we went back to The George where we had a cake and a few sandwiches. The manager was there, with his wife and their kiddies, as well as Maggie, the pub’s secretary and of course your grandparents and auntie. Dad got really drunk – one of the only times I remember him ever being drunk!

We didn’t have a honeymoon as we had to run the pub for 3 weeks whilst the manager went on his family holiday. I remember it was the busiest it had ever been – taking the most money for that year! I managed to bang my head the next day too on a beam in the cellar and so I had to go to A&E!

We had a church blessing several years later, and we finally had our honeymoon about 10 years ago, when we went to Cyprus without you four kids. Better late than never!

I always wanted to have a big white wedding, but I couldn’t have that…and it’s why I knew I wanted all of you kids to have the day that I wasn’t able to have…

Mum and Dad's Wedding Day

I didn’t know all these little details about mum and dad’s wedding, and I’m so glad that I do now. Just like my mum, I get super emotional about the past, and I know she’s going to cry when she reads this post – sorry mum – love you ♥ ♥ ♥ thank you for sharing your wedding day with me.

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