Mister Maker & The Shapes Live!

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I remember watching Mister Maker with my son when he was a little boy – it was such a fun programme, and we would love trying out the makes. One day, for some random reason, I started singing The Shapes song to my niece while we were doing a craft activity together, and she asked me how I knew the song. I explained how, and she told me that she loves Mister Maker!

So when I had an email asking if I would like to review Mister Maker & The Shapes Live! I knew exactly who would love to be my little roving reporter – my niece Sephy (4)!

She went to see Mister Maker & The Shapes Live! at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon with her mummy and daddy on Sunday 2nd July. I’ve asked mummy (my sister!) to write a short review about the show. Further down you’ll find information about where you can see Mister Maker & The Shapes Live! as it is touring the UK through November 2017.

When we arrived at the theatre Sephy wanted to take photos to show her Auntie Shellbe, so we took them of her proudly holding her ticket, and by the big show banner. We took a look at the merchandise stand – everything was reasonably priced. Badges were a £1, a programme (including a magazine) was £4, and The Shapes small plush keyrings were £6 each. Sephy chose a Mister Master Art Carry Pack for £5 which contained a magazine, a badge and a ‘Build a Ladybug’ Craft Pack, which she was very pleased with. We put on her badge and she carried the art pack into the theatre. On the way in we were all handed a coloured piece of paper which was later used to create a big art piece of The Shapes.

The Shapes

Mister Maker and his helpers were fantastic, there were lots of arts, crafts, singing and dancing. The first half of the show focused on audience participation and Mister Maker and his Minute Makes. However the stars of the show arrived in the second half – the world famous (according to Mister Maker!) The Shapes! They danced to their famous ‘I Am A Shape‘ song and then we all learned the dance moves to the shapes – the most popular being the 90s dance ‘Big Box, Little Box’. Mister Maker and The Shapes had everyone clapping and dancing. The highlight of the show was the Rectangle wearing a bow tie whilst singing ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ – you know, that really operatic one? It was very funny!

On the way out we were given a code for a free Mister Maker Subscription Box, which we ordered and received promptly. You can continue the subscription for £5.99 every two weeks.

Sephy had a fantastic time and wanted to go straight to her Auntie Shellbe’s house to tell her all about it. While there she made the ladybug from the kit we bought her.

Mister Maker & The Shapes Live! was a great show – high energy, well produced, and really interactive for all the audience. Would definitely recommend and go again next year!

The best bit was when The Shapes were preparing for the show by exercising! They were keeping in shape! And they showed us on the video clip. It was also very funny when Rectangle wore a bow tie and sang his goodbye song. I had a lot of fun at Mister Maker! – Sephy (4)

Mister Maker & The Shapes Live!

With a fabulous supporting cast and art at its heart, this fantastic live show encourages Mini Makers and grown-ups to sing, dance and make some noise! There’s a big ‘make’ to take part in, lots of audience participation and….The Shapes! Yes, you’ll be able to share the fun with Circle, Square, Rectangle and Triangle too!

“I’m so excited about our 2017 Mister Maker theatre tour! We’ll be singing, dancing and making some amazing arty creations. I can’t wait to share the fun with all my Mini Makers across the UK, so join me, Circle, Triangle, Square and Rectangle for a real arty adventure……..and get ready to make some noise!” – Mister Maker

Where & When
Ready to delight Mini Makers all around the UK, the tour opens at Lichfield Garrick Theatre on May 27th and visits 44 theatres from Edinburgh to Brighton, Ipswich to Belfast! The show is booking through until November 2017. Show running time: Act One 45 mins, Act Two 35 mins (approximate, plus interval)

Full list of theatres, dates, and times can be found on MisterMakerLive.co.uk

Free Mister Maker Activity Sheets

Why not download these fun Mister Maker activity sheets and try one of the makes at home! Just click on the images to download them.

Mister Maker Elephant Ears Activity Sheet Mister Maker Creature Cap Activity Sheet Mister Maker Pompom Bug Activity Sheet


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