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On Sunday 4th August, hubs, the boy and myself went on an afternoon out to the Military & Flying Machines Show in Upminster, Essex.

Since my son is studying history for GCSEs and since World War II is one of the topics covered, I thought this would be an educational visit for him as well as an interesting visit for us!

The Military and Flying Machines show spanned 3 days and was held at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Upminster Essex. It’s been going on for a few years now (which I didn’t know) and we only found out about it by chance when a local mag came through the door and there was an advert in there for the show. Hubs ribbed the ad out and pinned it to the fridge to remind us to go along when August rolled around.

I took a lot of photos (of course!) and they can all be found on my Google+ album if you’d like to see the whole set. I’m sharing some of my favourite photos here on my blog.

There were Living History Displays – which made you stop and think about what life would have been like in the war. There were trenches dug out, an Anderson shelter, a mock battle, and displays of the homefront. I found it fascinating, and I know that the boy did too…although, the guns and the tanks were of more interest to him!

We have an amazing turn out of living history displays with over 60 groups and nearly a thousand re-enactors depicting military life from many periods and nationalities. These historical re-enactors go to massive lengths to represent living history as accurately and authentically as possible and are always happy to answer your questions or demonstrate equipment so don’t be afraid to ask! This is an almost unique opportunity to see how the soldiers of different nationalities and time periods lived, get close to the weapons, equipment and atmosphere of the time. Where else would you be able to get up close and personal to your past? MVT Website

I loved how people were dressed up – these guys may well have been part of a Living History group, or they might have just dressed that way for fun – either way, I thought it was awesome.

I especially loved this guys chops! And the dress and the roses on the woman with him are just gorge!

As well as the military vehicles, there was also lots and lots of classic cars that people had brought and displayed.

And this bus/tube/train vehicle was pretty cool! You could go inside and it was set up how the interiors used to be, with the wooden slatted floor on the tube, and the old seat cover designs – very nostalgic!

There were stalls and rides and places to grab some food (expensive though – £3 for a small portion of chips?! £1.90 for a fizzy drink???! We’ll take a picnic next time (as many others had done!) There was also entertainment in the beer tent which we heard but didn’t see.

Back by popular demand will be our wonderful live ‘wartime’ entertainment in our huge marquee all day, including a 40’s style “Big Band”, the “Polka Dot Girls” A salute to the 40’s style all girl singing group and “Annie Andrews”, our gorgeous 40’s pin-up singer, and a fab fashion show from yesteryear! All along with our Marching Band and with the opportunity to meet our Veterans and Chelsea pensioners, there is loads to get involved in. MVT Website

And finally, there were flying displays with stunt planes and helicopters – amazing to watch – scary, but amazing!

We had to make a move after the flying stuntshows, as we had to go off somewhere, but there were still a couple more hours of the show left with a Wild West Display (I saw the wigwam in the distance, but we didn’t walk in that direction!) and closing gun fire still to take place.

We all had a thoroughly good time, it was something different to do, fun and educational at the same time. We’ll definitely aim to go back to the show in 2014!

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