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I love old photographs – be it ones from my personal history, or those of others. I have a fascination with social history, and so I created the Step Back In Time Linky for bloggers to join in. I love seeing the people and places in a photograph, and hearing the story behind it!

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Me and My Sister

This is a photograph of me and my sister. It must be summer of 1979. My sister is sitting up (she was born at the end of 1978) and we are both wearing summer clothes. I know it’s taken at my nan and grandad’s house in Leytonstone because I can tell from the very groovy orange wallpaper! I know as children we would go and see them on a Sunday, so it may well have been that day of the week!

I’m 2 years and 3 months older than my sister, and even back then, I was the proud big sister. I love how she’s looking up to me, and me looking down to her, possibly imparting my nearly 3 year old wisdom upon her! That’s what big sisters do isn’t it? Look out for the the younger one…

You can join in too with Step Back In Time…I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s memories – head over to this month’s Step Back In Time Linky to add your post.

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