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Master Bedroom Makeover

It’s taken months to decorate my son’s bedroom – mainly because my husband has been the one wallpapering and painting, and only has short windows of opportunity to do it. But, it’s finally done.. well, almost – still needs the new flooring and skirting boards to go down, but then it’s done! That means FINALLY we can get to decorating our bedroom… you have no idea how much this pleases me!

Our bedroom has become somewhat of a dumping ground for stuff, and I know that the clutter has an effect on our sleep. I know it definitely does on mine, as when it does get de-cluttered, I do sleep better. However, the walls are half stripped of wallpaper, the carpet is threadbare, the [built in] wardrobes are falling apart, and the bed frame needs replacing. Basically it’s a huge master bedroom makeover!

I’ve put together a mood board / wish list of items of furnishings and accessories that I know would be perfect in our bedroom! Fortunately for me, my husband goes along with my decor plans, so there will be touches of purple in our bedroom makeover!

We have a small television on a bracket in our bedroom. It’s at a bit of a weird angle, and as we’ve got a window directly opposite our bed, we obviously can’t put one there! So, a TV bed frame has been on our wishlist for a long time! It would have to be kingsize, as we only bought our mattress recently, and all my bedding is kingsize too. I love the leather look to the bed, it feels like a real luxury piece of furniture. The TV Bed Cabaret King Size TV Bed Frame With LED TV is £1499.

As I said earlier in this post, our wardrobes are falling apart. They are built in and take up one side of the bedroom. We do end up storing a load of old junk in them, and I’m thinking it might be time for a bit of a change with two free standing wardrobes. I LOVE the fact that the sliding doors are purple, and I love the high gloss finish too. The Welle High Five Slider Wardrobe is £799 each.

We both have bedside cabinets, and I couldn’t be without mine, but they are desperately old now and need changing. I love the rounded shape and contemporary feel, as well as the edge around the top – to prevent things from rolling off! The Polar Bedside Table are £199 each.

With the bedroom furniture covered, it’s now time for some accessories!

I think you can probably tell from my moodboard that I’m going for a very luxe style, and so, I’ve picked out a rather gorgeous chandelier! We already have a small one in our bedroom, but it’s not doing it for me any more! The Raphael 12 Light Champagne Glass Chandelier is £599.

I love wood flooring, and we’re putting it down in my son’s room. I’ve thought about it in our bedroom and still deciding if I’d prefer wood with a rug (purple, naturally!) or a carpet. The rug I’ve picked out looks so fluffy, and I bet it feels good underfoot! The Plush Rug is £349 and available in 10 colours.

We spend a lot of time in our bedroom – it’s almost like a force of habit from our old house, where we ended up hanging out in our bedroom as the living room became piled up with moving boxes for 3 months! Because of that, we like lots of pillows to prop up against when chatting or watching the telly. There is a nice selection of various cushions, including some purple bolster cushions, and some smaller scatter cushions, in purple and silver. The Harlequin Plain Velvet Bolster Cushion, Lovisa Purple Cushion, and Lovisa Silver Cushion are all £29 each.

I love wall art, and there isn’t nearly enough of it in our house – mainly because we’ve put off buying pieces until we decorate… I love London, it’s my hometown, and I love this piece of wall art – there is also Paris and New York available. The Capitals Glass London Picture is £129.

I really like the funky iron clock – wish it was available with silver, purple and gold in the number disks! The Smarty Iron Clock is £49.

And finally, because it was purple, I’ve picked out a recycled glass vase, which is also available in black, green and red. It’s 100cm tall, so is a real statement piece, and I can see it sitting on my desk – I forgot to mention that our bedroom has a dual purpose as my office is in the recess! The Giant Recycled Bottle Vase is £55.

We’ve got a Furniture Village on the retail park just a five minute drive from us, so I’m going to take a drive up there and have a bit of a wander around, and hopefully see some of the items I found on their website in real life – I like to be able to see and touch things, especially when they are large purchases, and to make doubly sure I like them!

Below is a photo of our bedroom as it currently is (although, this is an old photo now, as the boxes are now cleared away, and that is where my office is) so it’ll be quite a transformation if I can put the luxe, black, purple and silver style off!

Do you need a master bedroom makeover? What pieces would you pick for it?

Our Bedroom

Disclosure: Collaborative post in association with Furniture Village.

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