Making Sure You’re Getting The Best Broadband

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Making Sure You're Getting The Best Broadband

I work online all day long, and for me, there is nothing worse than a sluggish internet connection. Well, no doubt there are worse things, but for the purposes of this article let’s assume crawl-speed broadband is down there with running out of tea bags or toilet paper! It’s especially annoying if you’ve been assured that your broadband package was a speedy one and have paid the monthly bills accordingly. So what can you do?

Update Your Internet Browser

Make sure you have the latest browser on your desktop or mobile device. Check for updates to improve speed as outdated versions could see you lagging behind.

Delete Cookies and Cached Files

As you navigate the web your computer is inundated with browsing data. If you don’t regularly remove this from your browser it can seriously slow up your surfing. Instructions on how to do this using your particular browser will be easy to find in an online search. Oh the irony!

Change Your Router

If you have had the same broadband router for a year or two it may be time to replace it. Wireless routers are easy to set up and cost anywhere between £0.00 and £100. Bear in mind that the longer the aerial is on a router, the faster its speed.

Speed Test Your Connection

Many online companies allow you to check your internet speed and compare it against the broadband package you originally purchased with a speed test. Before you decide to complain to your provider about them giving you a raw deal it is a good idea to check this yourself and gather evidence.

Fed up? Switch Providers

It may be that your internet speed is merely the tip of the iceberg. Your broadband provider has just not been taking care of you the way a good broadband provider should. If this is the case then try visiting a comparison site and looking for a better deal. Phoning your current provider and threatening to leave is not a bad idea either, as occasionally they will crumble and offer you a special rate.

Don’t settle for slow browser speeds, it’s just not your style. Try one of these handy tips and get back in the fast lane!

Image by Ministerio TIC Colombia, used under the Creative Commons license.

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