Making Easter Gifts with Chocolates from Aldi!

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For seasonal occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter, I will stop by my local Aldi to buy chocolates and other sweet treats – they always have a good variety of treats, at a great price and most importantly, they taste good! So that you don’t miss out on other Easter specials, they have created their own Easter App with ideas and tips to celebrate the Easter weekend.

Easter Chocolates from Aldi!

Starting at just 59p for Milk Chocolate Easter Coins, up to £2.99 for the Moser Roth Chocolate Egg and Chocolates, you’ll find lots of Easter goodies to fit even the smallest of budgets!

There are hollow chocolate Easter bunnies and chicks, marshmallows, filled eggs with marzipan and praline (oh my, the praline are the yummiest ever!) and of course Easter eggs.

If you are buying chocolates from Aldi to give out as Easter treats this weekend, then why not turn them into something prettier than just handing over a bag of chocolate?

Here are some of my presentation ideas that I have put together to inspire you. They’re all really quick and easy to put together!

First up, an Easter basket – fill the bottom out with some shredded tissue paper or cellophane (which you can buy in craft shops) and add a variety of chocolates. I also added a little plush duck that I had bought and made a tag to go inside as well. This one is for my niece!

Next up are plant pots of Easter eggs…I had some in my craft stash (I’m always buying stuff that I see to use at some point!) and filled each one with shredded cellophane. I poured in some of the mini Moser Roth Finest Easter Eggs and topped off with some little birdies. These ones are great for adults, as the chocolate is a bit more special, and the pots can be used afterwards to plant flowers!

Make some-bunnies *ahem* day by filling a basket with chocolate Easter bunnies!

My last Easter gift idea is one to the whole family! I do this every year – put a load of chocolates into a basket, or bowl, or bucket and leave for everyone to grab from over the Easter weekend ^_^

I hope you’ve been inspired by some of my ideas to make your own Easter gifts using Aldi’s chocolates. I had fun putting them together to share with you!

Disclosure: I was sent a selection of Aldi Easter chocolates to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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