How To Set Up A Money Pot With Leetchi

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Have you ever had to collect money from a group of people to go towards a night out, a holiday, or a celebration? What about those envelopes that go round at work for someone’s birthday, or a whip round for a leaving present? Or you’re doing a sponsored something for charity and need to collect pledges?

It can be a bit of a pain in the backside can’t it? You can end up losing track of who has/hasn’t paid and how much they’ve given (especially for a specific amount per person). Then there is the hassle of actually collecting it – cash in hand (can go missing), remembering your bank details for them to pay in, or worse… a cheque… ugh!  What if you could raise money online quickly and securely, and take away all that stress?

That’s where comes in! Leetchi is the leading European fundraising website with 7 million users in 150 countries. It provides a fast, easy, and most importantly, a secure way to collect money online. In just a few clicks you can have your money pot set up, and shared via email or social media. The fees to withdraw to a bank account are some of the lowest in the market, at a competitive 2.9 – 4%; or you can use 100% of the money raised at

How to set up a money pot with Leetchi. The online service for all your projects, groups gifts, and charitable causes. It is fast, easy and secure with low fees.

How To Set Up A Money Pot With Leetchi

I can’t simply write about what Leetchi is without trying it for myself can I? I’ll start by saying it took me literally 5 minutes to set a money pot up, and most of that was taken up by finding my own photo to customise with!

Start by choosing what you are creating the money pot for, and create your account using an email address, or with a Facebook account. Then simply go through each step and fill in what is required. You can customise the link of your money pot so that it’s easier for people to remember and type into their browser. But then again, you can easily share the link through email or via social media – it’s all good!

Collecting Money Online with Leetchi

There is the option to add your own image to your pot – I spent most time on this, trying to find one! 😜 You can then write your money pot description – there is some pre-filled info, (which I added to) and that you can also customise with video, photos, emojis, and text formatting.

Finally, set a target amount. There are some options here to hide some info like the amount given by contributors, or to suggest an amount. Do what you feel most comfortable with. For a whip round at work I think a suggested contribution is a great idea. For a gift, not so much!

With the money pot set up, it’s time to ask people to contribute to it – either via email, direct link, or social media.

My Leetchi Birthday Money Pot
Share your money pot
My Birthday Money Pot

I set up my first money pot for my birthday, if you click on that link it shows you a live money pot – you don’t have to actually contribute (unless you do wanna give me something for my birthday… in September… when I’ll be even older… *wails*)!

When you click on the contribute button, you can then add in the amount, and then check/uncheck the box that says the contribution is hidden. Because I set it to not show contributions by individuals, this is greyed out and can’t be activated. You then pay with Visa or Mastercard. As a financial service provider, they operate on secure servers, are subject to strict checks, use Payline for payment processing, and use the familiar services Verify by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode,  and Norton Security.

As well as for personal money pots – birthdays, weddings, parties, retirements etc., you can also use Leetchi to collect for fundraising, charity, and crowdfunding for personal or community projects. You can also discover other people’s good causes pots for individuals in need, nonprofits, community projects …and more.

Leetchi feels to me like a well rounded and useful website, and I can see myself setting up several different money pots, in fact, as well as my test one to show and tell you about, I’ve set up an additional two more! If you’re looking to collect money online easily and safely, then it is worth checking Leetchi out.

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