Kick Start Summer with Chad Valley’s #100DaysOfPlay

Sharing is Caring!

Chad Valley, one of the UK’s oldest toy makers, is kick-starting the summer with the launch of #100daysofplay which encourages parents up and down the country to share fun playtime ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag will act as a source of inspiration for mums and dads during the long school holidays.

My son is a teenager now, so playing with toys is a thing of the past now…we sometimes play old fashioned board games as a family, but these nights are rare. Although, when we do, we’re all reminded of how simple life used to be before technology seemed to be part of every moment of our lives!

I now have my 21 month old niece who comes and sees me several times a week to play around with, and I’m reminded of how much I love playing with toys, and it’s funny, even though me and my two sisters are in our 30s, we still love being silly and playing games – it keeps you young at heart ;)

Chad Valley sent me a couple of toys to play with, ahem, hand over to my son and niece to play with, and yes, even a 15 year old got excited when he saw the remote control dinosaur!



With social media and sharing pretty much most aspects of our daily lives, Chad Valley researched and found that 45% of parents use things social media as a useful resource of ideas and inspiration on ways to entertain their children! This statistic doesn’t surprise me at all, in fact, I would have expected an even higher number than that!

I’ve gathered together some photographs of my niece playing with various toys when she comes to our house, where she has quite the toy box stash! The other day I dug around in the shed and found the old giant games we used at our wedding reception – she loved playing with the oversized chess pieces!



And when we went to our cousin’s wedding back in July, they had some giant games out for their guests too. Sephy and Liam played with the giant Jenga set – you’re never to old to play a game!


Playing with footballs, picking daisies, blowing bubbles, having a tea party…all things that she loves to play. It fires her little imagination, and it was so long ago now that my son was this age, that I forget how much like sponges children are.

We had a World Cup party back in June, and the children had a kickabout in the garden – there is something about just being in the fresh air that will remind older children that they are still allowed to be kids. (I am so old fashioned, I think kids are growing up way too quickly these days!)

With the glorious sunny and hot weather we’ve been having, a lot of time has been spent out in the garden. Nothing makes Sephy more happy than blowing bubbles – and running around like a loon!  I took a couple of videos of her, that are just the epitome of childhood innocence, when you don’t have a single care in the world!


And finally…a photo of my son when he was around 3 years old…you don’t even need toys to play a game – I still love this dinosaur that he made using stones!



Here are 100 ways to play…you’ll never be short of ideas with my list!!

  1. blow bubbles
  2. pavement chalk drawing
  3. teddy bear’s tea party
  4. make models with plasticine/clay
  5. build sand castles
  6. hide and seek
  7. football
  8. throwing beanbags
  9. relay races
  10. fly a kite
  11. moon sand
  12. dressing up box
  13. egg and spoon race
  14. act out your favourite cartoon/film
  15. water fights
  16. build a fort
  17. ride a scooter
  18. pretend farm with animal toys
  19. snakes and ladders
  20. play snap
  21. pretend restaurant/cafe
  22. cowboys and indians
  23. hopscotch
  24. jigsaw puzzles
  25. Simon says
  26. toy car races
  27. badminton
  28. noughts and crosses
  29. empty bottle bowling
  30. pretend camping in the garden
  31. basketball
  32. mummy may I?
  33. build a den
  34. bike races
  35. building blocks
  36. finger puppets
  37. kwik cricket
  38. make and play musical instruments
  39. pretend post office
  40. rolling down hills
  41. pictionary
  42. conkers
  43. frisbee
  44. dots and boxes (paper game)
  45. perform a play
  46. blindfold guessing games – touch/taste
  47. I spy
  48. paper aeroplanes
  49. nature bingo
  50. clapping games
  1. doctors and nurses
  2. mudpies
  3. pretend zoo with animal toys
  4. marbles
  5. piggy in the middle
  6. collect and paint rocks
  7. memory game
  8. scavenger hunt
  9. sack races
  10. cops and robbers
  11. puppet show
  12. skipping
  13. hula-hoop
  14. chess
  15. knights and princesses
  16. throw/catch a ball
  17. pretend car wash
  18. make daisy chains
  19. origami
  20. tag/had/it
  21. witches and wizards
  22. British bulldog
  23. swing/slide/climb
  24. pretend vets
  25. mini beast hunt
  26. charades
  27. obstacle course
  28. jacks
  29. croquet
  30. tennis/wall tennis
  31. hoopla
  32. cats cradle
  33. hot potato
  34. LEGO
  35. pretend kitchen/cooking
  36. dodgeball
  37. hangman
  38. dominoes
  39. skateboarding
  40. ride a bike
  41. treasure hunt
  42. sardines
  43. penalty shoot out
  44. making sticks and stones art
  45. animal safari with plush toys
  46. rounders
  47. balloon volleyball
  48. tiddlywinks
  49. pretend grocery shopping
  50. lawn darts

So now it’s your turn! Share a photo or story of what playtime means to you, and when you share it on your social media platform of choice, don’t forget to include the #100DaysOfPlay hashtag, so you can join in with all the others out there who are sharing too! It runs until the 19th September 2014, so get out there and get playing!

Sharing is Caring!