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Right now, we’re in a middle of a generational shift. New research indicates that within the next eight years, roughly 80% of millennials will have children. Now, you’re probably wondering, what this has to do with meal delivery and takeouts?

Well, you should also know that nearly half of millennials prefer to eat at home. And since so many of them are too preoccupied with their private and professional lives to prepare full meals, they opt to order their meals instead.

That’s why, the meal-delivery industry is worth more than 10 billion dollars at this point. And with millions of millennials marrying and starting families, the industry is only going to grow. Naturally, the number of food-delivery services has grown immensely in the last few years.

Even if you’re not planning to start a family and just want to spend a weekend in your apartment, watching Netflix and ordering food, you shouldn’t waste countless hours going through hundreds of different services.

In order to help you, with your choice, here are top meal delivery services out there…

Sun Basket: Best for Family Meals

The first spot on the list is reserved for Sun Basket, one most straightforward services out there. every week, they offer 18 recipes for you to choose from. You can pick a couple of recipes from their site, and they will be delivered to your front door. You can pick either from their Classic Menu for yourself or from the Sun Basket Family menu for multiple people.

You can even decide when you want your meals delivered: the service delivers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. And how does the food taste? All you need to know is that the ingredients are always fresh and that the recipes offered are crafted by some of the top chefs in San Francisco. Best of all – all of the recipes only take about 30 minutes to prepare.

Eat24: Best Last-Minute Option

Next up, we have an app that’s great for people who don’t plan their meals hours ahead of time and are used to last-minute, late-night orders. Eat24 is a takeout app that can be used through Yelp to order food from local restaurants in your area. And the catch is that you can place orders 24/7 and all of your food deliveries are completely free.

Once you place the order, your food will be delivered in 30 to 45 minutes and it will always be piping hot. There’s a neat tracking option that allows you to track your order and even notifies you when the food is about to arrive. The food comes in special bags that keep it warm and crisp, plus, you can add knives, forks, and even plates to your order, free of charge.

Munchery: Best Health-Taste Combination

If you’re a person that’s not looking to go on a diet, but still wants to eat some delicious healthy greens, the next service is right for you. Munchery delivers healthy – but still spicy and tasty – meals to your front door. The service does require some work – you need to create an account, become a member, and pay a monthly fee to get your meals delivered.

However, this can be a great time investment: their meals are pretty low-cost and if you order them every day, you can actually save a ton of money on food by the end of the month. There’s a good number of meals to choose from every day and the delivery only takes an hour or so. The only downside is that if you take too long to order your meal, most of the options get sold out.

Umi Kitchen: Best for People Who Like Homemade Food

Whether you prefer or you simply miss eating homemade meals, here’s an app that will allow you to enjoy a good old home meal, without any work. Umi Kitchen connects its users with other cooks in their area and allows them to order homemade meals made out of fresh and quality ingredients, and of course, have it delivered right to your door.

All you need to do is download the Umi Kitchen, enter your zip code, and the interface will take you right to the menus that are available that week. Each cook in your area has a different menu for you to choose from. We should only mention that the app is not currently available during the weekends, so if you’re looking for a week-long solution, you should look elsewhere.

Seamless: Best for Picky Eaters

While you probably saw this choice coming a mile away, you can’t really put together a “top meal delivery services” list without at least mentioning Seamless. The app is now well known among average consumers as the go-to choice for people who like to munch from the comfort of their homes. Seamless’ search capabilities are extraordinary – they’ve partnered with almost 7,000 restaurants in NY alone.

The app allows you to refine your search options by price, rating, distance, and a number of other factors. There are 77 cuisine options for you to choose from, so no matter what nationality you are, you can always enjoy some traditional meals with the help of Seamless. After the recent merger with GrubHub, the app went through a redesign process recently, so now, it’s even easier to use.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we’re quite aware that we missed out on some popular meal delivery services like Postmates and Caviar. However, some of them are not all that affordable and in turn, practical if you plan on ordering food almost every day.

Nonetheless, all of the services we listed above have enough meal options to keep you satisfied throughout the week. What’s more, all of them have intuitive apps with lots of filters that will help you narrow your search down.

We hope you enjoyed our article and that you found it helpful. 

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