July in Photographs / Project 365 : 2017

Project 365 : 2017 - July in Photographs

It’s the end of July, and it’s been a horrible month. In June my poor dad was in hospital – he’s out now and started his cancer treatment. However, it’s now my poor mums turn. She had a fall, which was very bad… she ended up breaking her thigh bone, needing an emergency operation and blood transfusions. At the time of writing this, she’s already been in hospital for a week, but expected to stay another 10 days at least… with 6 – 12 months estimated recovery time. As a family we are distraught at the current conditions of my parents – the siblings are rallying to do the best we can to help them. Compounded on top of this is my sister having her baby (possibly induced early) and my brother getting married at the end of August. Add on top my own hospital visits for my health issues, my depression and anxiety – as well as the usual day to day living stresses. Quite frankly July can do one.

I know that the road is going to be tough ahead of all of us in our family – but we are very close – even if we do get heated sometimes and argue, we do all come together. I hope that mum and dad will be well enough to go to my brother’s wedding. I hope that my sister’s baby arrives safe and sound. I hope my brother and his wife-to-be have an amazing wedding day. I hope the medication which the doctors have put me on works. I hope that August doesn’t bring any more shit to my family and lets us deal with what we have to deal with.

As far as photography goes, I just could not be bothered at all. Whatever photos I did take just had to do. I didn’t think about them, didn’t bother to plan, and of all the months so far, this is my least favourite. I’m actually unsure if I’m going to bother to continue in August – I’ve taken some photos already (well, two I think) so I probably will, but is it a priority for me? Not really.

With everything that has happened recently, it’s given me a changed mindset and outlook on life. I do still personally struggle to go outside and function as a human being thanks to my weight – which is mostly other people that have a problem with – but I’m trying. I’m trying to lose weight – but it’s so difficult for me to actually get rid of it, despite my very best efforts. I’ve now lost just over a stone which I am very pleased about, but it’s taken me so long to get that off. I keep telling myself that slow and steady wins the race, but I don’t have time for that. I’m going to keep it up though as I want to live a long life, and the way things are for me at the moment, it won’t happen unless I get myself fit again. I am aiming to get back into the swimming pool soon – once I feel confident enough. If I can do that, then I can do anything. I want to enjoy my life, and not get any older and looking back regretting that I didn’t do certain things. Life is too damn short and we only get one shot at it. I’m 40 years old and already full of regret, I can’t let this carry on into the rest of 40s, 50s and beyond.

I know this has been quite a long personal post, which I don’t often write. I also know that people don’t read these much either – it’s just good to get it all out.

Anyway, back to Project 365…

My top three photos this month are:

  1. Foraging – Day 197
  2. Fields of Gold – Day 201
  3. Forever Blowing Bubbles – Day 207

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I’ve been taking part in Project 365 – a photo a day for one year, since 2011. I took a break in 2016, but couldn’t leave the photography project behind completely, and so did Project 52 – a photo a week for one year. I decided at the very last moment, that I would come back to Project 365 for 2017, because I have missed it more than I realised! The project, over the years, has not only helped to improve my photography, but it also became an daily photo diary. I love looking back and remembering the days of the year(s) gone by, and that is one of the biggest things I missed at the end of 2016,

I have quite the archive of photos on my blog, which you can take a peek at below.