Japan Crate – Trying Japanese Snacks!

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It was ages ago that I first mentioned Japan Crate in one of My Week That Was posts, and  it’s only now that I’ve actually got around to filming this video with my husband! Actually, we filmed it a few weeks ago now, so really, it’s only now that I’ve got around to editing and uploading it to my YouTube Channel!

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As I mentioned in the video, it’s mainly us trying the snacks – candy, sweets, crisps, and even a drink from Japan – and that more details about the box itself is in my unboxing video. You can watch that video below!

Japan Crate is a great box if you love Japanese things (like I do!), and comes in three different sizes – Mini, Original, and Premium. I got the Premium Box, which is pricey at $30 + $15 shipping to the UK. I think this is more of a one-off treat type box, than a regular subscription. That said, there are often discount codes on Japan Crate’s Facebook page, so worth keeping an eye out. I used a $7 off gift code on the first box I ordered. This particular box is the second box I received – I forgot to cancel the rolling subscription… so beware of that when you subscribe!

Japan Crate Costs:

Mini Box (5 items) → $12 + $10 UK Shipping
Original Box (10 items inc. DIY kit) → $25 + $15 UK Shipping
Premium Box (15 items inc. DIY kit & drink) → $30 + $15 UK Shipping

Keep a look out for the other Japan Crate tasting video. I filmed that with my sisters and brother… I’ve not watched the footage yet, so I do hope some of it is usable!

Japan Crate also sell two more types of subscription boxes:

Doki Doki Crate  – a monthly supply of everything Kawaii. Inside you’ll find 8-10 fully licensed, authentic items ranging from exclusive shirts & plushies to collectible figures, squishies, keychains, miniatures, household items and more.

Umai CrateEat like you’re in Japan with Umai Crate, your monthly supply of rare & delicious Japan-exclusive instant noodles. Crates include 7-8 premium quality noodles from udon to yakisoba, spaghetti, soba, ramen and more. You’ll also receive a surprise monthly bonus item like collectible chop sticks or fun ramen gachapon.

I have ordered both of these boxes! The Doki Doki one is here, and I’ve filmed the video. Just need to edit and upload that. The Umai Crate ships in the first week of August, so hopefully that will arrive soon!

If you have subscribed to Japan Crate, or thinking about it, leave me a comment below, or on the videos. Let me know what other subscription boxes I should try!

Share this with friends and family!