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January Roundup Project 365 2015

So here we are – at the end of the January, and 31 photographs taken for Project 365 : 2015. Photography wise, I’ve started the year off on a good note. I’ve taken more good photos than bad, and have got several favourites:

Day 4 – Acceptance, I just love the colour of the flower and the bends and folds of the petals. Day 22 – The Great Big Disconnect, I adore the shapes leafless tree branches make against the sky, even more so when I see birds sitting in the tree! Day 24 – Patience, taking photographs of my niece is getting increasingly difficult, as she’s not such a willing subject during her terrible twos, but all it takes is a little patience and a bit of ninja photography! Finally Day 28 – Cookie, because every time I take a photograph of something purple, I remember a dear friend’s little girls.

Here are all of my Project 365 : 2015 photographs for January.

Project 365 ideas and tips…

As well as a photo a day, I also include an idea or tip each day too. It’s not always easy to think of one, but I do my best and hope that you find them helpful for your own Project 365! Here are all 31 tips for January…

How have you been doing with your photography project? Have you managed to keep up so far?

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