I’ve Been Shortlisted for a Brilliance in Blogging 2013 Award!!!

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Wow. I mean seriously, WOW! I opened up my emails today to see one from BritMums – the award organisers – to find that I have been shortlisted for a Lifestyle Brilliance in Blogging 2013 Award


I owe it all to you, my blog readers for reading The Purple Pumpkin Blog and casting your votes in the nominations round – I feel truly, truly honoured. I’m so happy I’m breaking out the cake!!

My journey towards this award isn’t quite over, as there is now the voting round…and I’m looking to you once again to help me towards the finals!

All I am asking is for you to click the button below to please cast your vote for The Purple Pumpkin Blog – it really would make my day to get to the finals round! You only get one vote, so it means the world if you put it towards my lil’ old blog! I’m in the lifestyle category, so you may have to scroll down a little to find me!


I love blogging and to be shortlisted for an award given by BritMums – one of the largest blogging communities in the UK is just amazing!

So, a huge, HUGE thank you for nominating me – it makes me so happy to know that people out there are reading my blog and loving what they read, as a blogger, it makes me feel very proud.

Thank You!

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