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I can’t even begin to describe my excitement about my most recent piece of news to tell you all about…I’ve been selected to be a Panasonic Brit Blogger for their imaging product ranges!!!!!!!! (That’s cameras and camcorders!) I’m seriously over the moon and have been bursting to tell you about it since I found out last week. The lovely peeps at Panasonic have just announced all of the ten Panasonic Brit Bloggers on Twitter and I can finally officially announce it here on my blog too.

Moon over Epcot
Full Moon over Orlando, Florida

I have been a user of Panasonic cameras for the last 8/9 years and have always highly recommended the cameras that I have owned, so to be able to be a Panasonic Brit Blogger is a dream come true for me!

If you are a follower of my Project 365, you will know that I share a photo a day. The majority of these photographs are taken with a Panasonic Lumix camera. My current camera is a DMC-FZ200 and I LOVE my camera (as much as is possible to love an inanimate object!!)

My Panasonic Camera ♥

My first mission as a Panasonic Brit Blogger is to go to Panasonic HQ and attend an ‘Everything You Need To Know About…’ Cameras & Camcorders Workshop, where myself, along with the other nine bloggers will learn everything we need to know about photography and video recording, to truly capture family life.

I can’t wait to go to Panasonic HQ and hope to take lots of new knowledge away with me that I will in turn be able to share with you! So if you worry about photography jargon, don’t know what the symbols on your camera mean, or just want to know how to take family photos with minimum fuss, you shouldn’t miss reading the post that I will be writing in a few weeks all about the workshop.

When it comes to family life, I’m always the one behind the camera, taking the photographs of my loved ones, the details, the celebration. The more I have used my camera, the more skilled I have become – at timing, framing, composition, lighting – and I have seen the improvement of my skills through my Project 365. I also have lots of great memories to look back on and this is the number one reason why I love taking photographs.-They evoke so many memories and conversations – both happy and sad, momentous and the little things, the places we’ve been, the people we know, the memories that were made…

Dad’s 60th Birthday
Mum and Me on my 35th
Mum and Me on my 35th
Hub’s 40th Birthday
Sephy's Baptism
My Niece’s Baptism
My Sisters + I on my 35th Birthday
My Sisters + I on my 35th Birthday
Dad reading his memories on his 60th Birthday
The apple of my eye – my niece ♥
Whipsnade Zoo
An Elephant at Whipsnade Zoo
Darren Hayes in Concert
Magic Kingdom
Little details at Walt Disney World
Universal Studios
Us at Universal Orlando
A teeny tiny snail in the garden
A teeny tiny snail in the garden
Discovery Cove
A ray in the Grand Reef at Discovery Cove, Orlando

Just searching through hundreds of photos to pick out a couple to share on this blog post was enough for me to get carried away with looking at photos and remembering when they were taken! All of the photographs in this post (bar the one of my actual camera!!) were taken with a Panasonic camera of some kind – either a bridge camera – my current DMC-FZ200 or my older DMC-FZ18, with our compact – DMC-TZ18 or our underwater camera – DMC-FT2. Our camcorder is also a Panasonic – Lumix V720. So you can see, this isn’t a new thing for me when it comes to camera choice – it’s a love affair that has lasted for years!

I’m really looking forward to being a Panasonic Brit Blogger and can’t wait to write all about it, as well as sharing my tips, reviews and of course photographs!

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