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BritMums Live! 2014

I bought my ticket for BritMums Live 2015 at the super early bird price as soon as they went on sale after 2014’s event and I’m very excited to be going back in just a few weeks time.

What is BritMums Live? Well…

BritMums Live! is the UK’s biggest, two-day social media conference and blogger event, where lifestyle bloggers and social influencers gather to meet and socialise, network with brands, improve their skills, and fire their creativity. BritMums Live has grown out of BritMums, the UK’s largest parent blogger community, made up of nearly 8,000 influential bloggers who create content about lifestyle, crafting, food, health, travel, education, tech, style and more.

Since this is a getting to know you kind of post, I’m answering the questions below and joining in with the linky where you can meet some of the other bloggers who will be in attendance!

Michelle Ordever The Purple Pumpkin BlogName: Michelle (or Shell for short, but definitely not Mich!)

Blog: The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Twitter ID: MsPurplePumpkin

Height: 5’4″

Hair: long, blackish/reddish as you can see in the most recent pic of me to the left!

Eyes: brown, purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner and purple glasses ;)

Is this your first blogging conference? Nope, it’s my third Brit Mums Live! I’ve also been to the Mumsnet Blogfest, and plan on going to a Tots100 Blog Camp. It will be the first time that my husband, Steve is coming with me. You see, I’ve been suffering from anxiety and depression, and going out the front door has started becoming increasingly difficult. He came with me to Blogfest and bought a ticket to BritMums Live a few days later. So when you see a short fat purple wearing woman with a bloke in tow, it’ll probably be me :D He actually loves stepping into my world and seeing what it’s like, and he’s pretty handy at taking notes when I don’t pay attention :P Hopefully I won’t burst into tears when someone asks me if I’m okay, like I did at Blogfest -_-

Are you attending both days? Indeedy!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? I’m looking forward to meeting up with bloggers that I already know and have met before, as well as meeting some new blogging buddies I’ve made this year. I’m also looking forward to the Brilliance in Blogging Awards (even though I wasn’t shortlisted!) and cheering my favourite blogs on.

What are you wearing? Something purple no doubt!

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015? Inspiration! I have been so inspired after being in the presence of so many bloggers, and I walk away full of new ideas for my blog. Last year I made notes of what I wanted from my blog, the top one was to double my earnings from blogging. A big fat check mark sits next to that! I also wanted to make the move from Blogger to WordPress, which I did too. Who knows what will be gained from 2015’s conference, only time will tell!

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before? Yes I do… I’m rehashing my tips from last year, because they are still so relevant!

  • Wear comfortable clothes + shoes – there are lots of steps to go up and down (although there is a lift too), as well as standing around chatting to fellow bloggers and brands – high heels are gonna end up hurting your feet by the end of the day. I find it gets quite hot in the main hub too, so wear something cool, or do as I do and take a hand fan with you!
  • Take some business cards – but don’t go nuts! I know so many of us had lots printed up and didn’t have a need for all of them! There are often special offers and discount codes – have a hunt around online. I kindly had some printed for free courtesy of StressFreePrint.co.uk and I LOVE them!
  • Take a charger for your phone – you’ll be on social media like mad, and your phone will not last all day! However, with 500+ bloggers wanting to also charge their devices, sockets are like gold dust, so bring a mobile charger. They’re not too expensive, and the one I had last year was a lifesaver!
  • Use your camera to take notes – during workshops, slides are often used so I took quick snaps of the screen in case I can’t write everything down quickly enough!
  • Don’t take too much with you – really, I learned my lesson from my first BML in 2013 – I took, my phone, iPad, a notepad, pens, camera, plus all the other junk you find in a handbag! I never used my iPad once and there was lots of paper and pens to use.
  • Make yourself heard – don’t be afraid to ask a question, or give an opinion during a workshop, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t!
  • Arrange to meet with other bloggers  – you may know each other through reading each other’s blogs, through Twitter, Facebook, wherever – try and have one friendly face (at least) that you will see in the crowd! And if you really don’t know anyone, come find me, I’ll be more than happy to talk to you! I will warn you though, I’m crap with remembering people’s names >_<
  • Look at the agenda before you go – you won’t be able to attend every session, so make a plan of action! If you buddy up, maybe make a pact to swap notes from different workshops, which is something I’ve done in the past. Other bloggers often write up about their experiences and notes, so you can often find out info you missed.
  • Network – be it will with brands or with other bloggers, make use of the time you have at BritMums to build connections – you don’t know what will come of it! Through talking to Panasonic in 2013,  I became a Panasonic Brit Blogger for their imaging products.
  • Be social – of course that means talking to others; but also tweet, instagram, facebook…whatever it is you do, share the day with other bloggers who can’t make it on the day!
  • Relax and enjoy the experience – there is so much going on…it can be quite overwhelming the first time – you’ll meet lots of people, you’ll learn lots of things… you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be inspired!
  • Put your strong arms on – there was some serious swag last year in the form of goodie bags, so eat your spinach and be strong like Popeye!
  • Blog about your experience when it’s all over – it’s great to read back on everything when the dust has settled. I’m so glad that I wrote about day one and day two in 2014 and day one and day two in 2013. I’m going to be reading them again when I’ve finished typing this up to re-live the memories!

I’m going to BritMums Live

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