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I’ve decided that I want to visit every country in England. After our short weekend breakaway last week at Romney Sands, and having a thoroughly fab time, I realised how many weekends we waste away not really doing very much. We’ve got caught in a trap of working all week, and then catching up with housework and shopping on the weekend – what a snoozefest! There is so much of my home country that I have never seen, and it’s time for me to rectify that.

Whilst I have a huge wanderlust for overseas destinations; visiting places around England is within easier reach – and not as expensive to get to either!

I Want To Visit All Of England's Counties

So I’m making a list, a list of all the counties in England, and over the next couple of years I hope to cross them all off! There are several counties I’ve visited, and I’ve put a little tick mark next to them, but for this travel project, I’m starting afresh. Turns out, I’ve actually visited over half of the counties in England…so we’ll start with the ones that I’ve never visited!

Trips will involved me, my husband, and if he wants to come along, my son; who at nearly 16 isn’t as down with hanging out with us any more! (I’m starting to get empty nest syndrome!!) I’ve also linked to each county’s tourist information website, you know, for future planning!

  1. Bedfordshire ✓
  2. Berkshire ✓
  3. Bristol ✓
  4. Buckinghamshire ✓
  5. Cambridgeshire ✓
  6. Cheshire
  7. City of London ✓
  8. Cornwall
  9. Cumbria
  10. Derbyshire
  11. Devon ✓
  12. Dorset ✓
  13. County Durham
  14. East Riding of Yorkshire
  15. East Sussex ✓
  16. Essex ✓
  17. Gloucestershire
  18. Greater London ✓
  19. Greater Manchester ✓
  20. Hampshire ✓
  21. Herefordshire
  22. Hertfordshire ✓
  23. Isle of Wight
  24. Kent ✓
  1. Lancashire
  2. Leicestershire
  3. Lincolnshire
  4. Merseyside
  5. Norfolk ✓
  6. North Yorkshire ✓
  7. Northamptonshire ✓
  8. Northumberland
  9. Nottinghamshire
  10. Oxfordshire ✓
  11. Rutland
  12. Shropshire ✓
  13. Somerset ✓
  14. South Yorkshire
  15. Staffordshire ✓
  16. Suffolk ✓
  17. Surrey ✓
  18. Tyne and Wear
  19. Warwickshire
  20. West Midlands
  21. West Sussex ✓
  22. West Yorkshire ✓
  23. Wiltshire ✓
  24. Worcestershire

And don’t worry, I hope to get around to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland eventually!!

Which English county do you live in? Tell me one place I shouldn’t miss out on when visiting…just leave a comment in the Disqus comments section below this post.

The List


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