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If you’ve had a rough couple of months, or are just bored of constantly dealing with grown up issues like job security, family obligations or finances – you may be left feeling in desperate need of a reboot.

Jogging, yoga or drinks down your local pub may seem like the essential means to keeping your mind sane and body healthy (maybe not the pub), you’ll soon realise that adults don’t have the best ways of coping with the pressures of being a fully fledged grown up.

How To let Your Inner Child Out

How to Let Your Inner Child Out

What we often forget is that a lot of the big stress relievers are the ones we innately learn during childhood, with that being said, we’ve come up with 10 fun and simple ways to give yourself a mini break from adulthood and to relearn the pleasures of being a kid again.

During the process of growing up the child within often gets tucked away and forgotten about. The memory of being able to conquer the world or to have dreamed the impossible slips away, you probably can’t even remember what it’s like to play in the rain!

  • Starting simple, forget the mundane act of walking and start skipping! If you do it once on a crowded path we guarantee you’ll feel lighter after.
  • Treat yourself to something you know a kid would love! Like a safari annual pass, who can resist forgetting your worries when you’re enjoying watching animals do the funniest things?

Baby Gorilla at Disney Animal Kingdom

  • Crank up your favourite songs from your childhood and give your booty a good shake, so what if the neighbours think you’ve lost the plot?
  • No question is a silly question, but why not push the boundaries? Ask all the crazy questions which come to mind, an inquisitive mind encourages the flow of creativity, something kids have plenty of!
  • Take a well deserved break from being so independent and self sufficient. Call someone up and tell them how much you can’t live without them, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your and their face.
  • Allow yourself to believe in magic, the Tooth Fairy, unicorns, dragons, all of the unseeable. Remember the undeniable and unshakable faith you had in Santa Claus to help you with this one.

Maleficent Dragon - Festival of Fantasy Parade at Disney's Magic Kingdom

  • Go wild with clapping your hands over life’s smallest and simplest pleasures, just get really enthusiastic!
  • Hug it out, with everyone! A physical touch can transcend unspoken words of care, love and of course the human connection.
  • Instead of replying “haha” to a text with a blank expression, allow yourself to have a real belly laugh, deep from the gut. A hearty laugh keeps the heart light and gives others a big smile!
  • Start a project no matter how impossible it is, dream beyond your wildest dreams and let your childlike imagination run wild! You may just achieve something great.


Try out the list or come up with some of your own! Completing it can offer up a new perspective and help you see the lighter side when life gets a little hard. Indulging in your childhood from time to time can also give us a more optimistic and happier view of ourselves and the world around us!

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