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Undeniably one of the biggest trends to take off in recent years is the vintage look. Up and down the country the vintage look as been adopted in new builds, cafes, restaurants and work places. alike. The vintage look stands as one of the most popular interior trends and is therefore incredibly sought after. Luckily, the vintage look is very easy to recreate in your own home and can breathe a new lease of life to any bathroom or kitchen.

How to get a vintage look bathroom. The vintage look is very easy to recreate in your own home and can breathe a new lease of life to any bathroom!

How To Get A Vintage Look Bathroom

Floor Tiles

Your floor tile is an important step to getting that vintage look. The most important rule to follow is to make sure you opt for a black and white patterned design. This creates a gorgeous sense of dimension to your bathroom and is the perfect way of introducing a sophisticated deign in your home. The black and white pattern tile is an iconic feature to the vintage look, and as such, should not be ignored where possible. When looking for black and white patterns, avoid anything too floral or abstract instead opting for more geometric patterns.

Wall Tiles

For your walls, you want to be looking for a metro tile, more specifically a white metro tile. These tiles have great historical value thanks to their use in the London Underground. A white tile is the classic option as it offers an airy and spacious feel to a room while maintaining the minimalist colour palette of the vintage aesthetic. The traditional metro tile look will use a gloss finish. This gloss finish is what propelled the metro tile to popularity in the early 1900’s thanks to their low maintenance and easy to clean properties. The gloss finish also bounces light beautifully in a room and will therefore give you the opportunity to play with both natural and artificial light in your bathroom or kitchen. For an even more authentic vintage look, pair your metro tile with a contrasting grout colour. For example, with a white metro tile use a grey or black grout to really make the tile pop. Don’t feel like you are restricted to use a white tile however, this is simply the most popular and safest choice when trying to replicate a vintage look. Some designs use an alternative black or grey tile with a white grout for a more modern twist.

Vintage Bathroom


No true vintage look is complete without using copper and tarnished metals. These distressed material looks are perfect for replicating that worn aesthetic that gives the vintage design its charm. Think copper faucets, toilet roll holders, soap dishes and other smaller items. It’s often the smaller details that shine trough and work harmoniously together to create a strong, statement look. When going for the vintage look, minimalism is key, as previously mentioned. Think exposed radiators, floor boards and light fixtures for that stripped back look. This combination with the tiles will set your home and kitchen above the rest in an instant.

With the development of tiles and mass production of home interior furnitures achieving the vintage look has never been easier. It’s important to remember however that the tile is the centre point of the whole design. These are your blank canvas from which you create your whole vintage look. With this in mind, creating your dream vintage bathroom should be a breeze.

Vintage Accessories

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