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Back in March I began a series about our house renovation plans, starting with all the things we want to do to the house. It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what is going on, so it’s time for me to revisit that post and let you know what’s going on, as well as move onto part two which is all about kitchen inspiration!

Here is my bullet point list of our plans from that post…and some of the updates that go with it…I’m focusing on the kitchen in this post though!

  • single storey extension creating a large kitchen/dining area
  • loft conversion creating a master bedroom + ensuite
  • new kitchen
  • new bathroom
  • knock out chimney breast/stack
  • porch renovation
  • new garden fencing
  • removal of old shed
  • garden landscaping
  • driveway replaced
  • blocking up archway from living room to kitchen, putting the door back in
  • reading/relaxation nook under the stairs
  • office/craft space
  • new flooring/carpets
  • decoration throughout

After looking at or finances, and uhmming and ahing for a while about things, we have decided not to extend both the kitchen and into the loft. We didn’t want to leave ourselves with no room for maneuver when it came to money, so the single storey extension has now been shelved – for the time being at least.

That means though, that we are a go on the loft conversion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have had our architect do a site visit and we now have the plans in our possession! I have to say though, I was a little disappointed that they were not blueprints a la Wile E Coyote *snorts*

But, now that we can see how things will shape up, it makes the building project so much more exciting! Building regs have gone into the council and we need a structural engineer to do his thang. We already have our builder (who happens to be our brother-in-law) so it’s just a matter of starting the job now.

He will also be knocking out the chimney breast/stack that runs through the house, opening up the living room and the boy’s bedroom too. The porch renovation is also being held back for now – we were going to sort it out as it sometimes leaks in heavy rain, but hubs has done a bit of a fix to it, and for now it’s okay. Would rather put the money to better use like decorating, carpets, flooring and fixtures and fittings!!

The planned blocking up of the arch and putting a door back in, is still at the moment in place…maybe. Because we have an open plan living room, we have to put a wall back in around the stairs due to the loft extension fire regulations, as much as I despise that arch, I’m not sure if blocking it would be the way to go. I will really have to see how the new walls will look before I think about that…

Just because we’re not getting the kitchen/dining extension now, doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing up the kitchen. That will get a full makeover – hopefully in time for Christmas!

This is the current state of affairs…I would love a modern, sleek kitchen with a double range cooker, a normal sink (I despise that double butler sink!) and to have more cupboard space.

I would love to squeeze a pantry in there – I am in love with the American pantries that I see on Pinterest and that I read about on various blogs!

I tend to pin pantries (and other ways to organise our home) on my “Organise This!” board over on Pinterest, I have so much love for an organised home – yet, don’t quite manage to pull it off! I hope this board will inspire me some, to organise our living space!

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When looking at kitchens, either online or in showrooms, I definitely see a pattern in what I like. Making a mood board (or a Pinterest board!!) is a great way to gather everything and look at a recurring theme. Clearly, mine is white, colour splashes and glossy! The one thing that puts me off though, is that white and gloss are dust magnets! Living on a busy road means that our house gets really dusty :(


I like the idea of stone flooring in the kitchen – but I worry about the expense of it, and the breakage of glass potential too!! Vinyl flooring has come a long way over the years with so many different designs, that I’m always impressed with the large range that there is. Our local Carpetright store is a five minute drive away, and we’ve always bought flooring and carpets from there over the years. I can see that there are several stone effect vinyls that I really like the look of. I’m not sure to go dark, or natural looking stone…what do you think?


With the kitchen units being neutral, and the floor being neutral, you know me, the colour will pop! Contrary to popular belief, I do like other colours other than purple! Here are a range of paint colours that I’ve fallen in love with – with little wall space showing, having a bright colour will really add something (at least, I think so!) The black is only there because I ran out of colours I like *sunshine*


I’m going to close out with some pantry love, because, I really do love them and I want, nay NEED one!


Where do you find your kitchen design inspiration?

I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict, I love finding inspiration and ideas and pin them to one of my 99 boards! I have one called “For The Home” which is where all the lovely things that inspire my home design get pinned to.

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